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Beads And Beads!! What's a Girl to DO???


Genevieve: "Hey Orna, what are you doing for New Year's?"

Orna: "I'm doing our annual Progressive!"

Genevieve: "That's my car insurance company...."

Orna: "No, no... It's where a whole bunch of families travel from house to house for appetizers, and then dinner, and then dessert.  All the kids go, it's so much fun! We end up at the house nearest the fireworks. We've been doing this for 5 years. What are you doing Genevieve?"

Genevieve: "I just don't know. I have a party invite and a Romantic Getaway invite, but as of today, we have decided nothing."

While I try to nail down a plan of some sort, have a looksee at what I found this week:

We have beads! I have discovered an enormous stash of hand wrapped bead components that Orna has done as a "hobby" (please explain to me where you will find another Hobbyist who will apply such high craft to what she does in her "down time"?? Phew!!)

So I started putting together little sets and taking photos of the larger single ones. They are all available for sale on our Etsy site. This one below is my personal favorite set, but they are all really great. If you are working on jewelry or you need embellishments for your needle art projects, these are really unique options. I think they are so charming!

So I leave you all with these beautiful pictures, may they bring much inspiration. Have a lovely New Year's whatever you do, and feel free to drop a line and make suggestions for interesting things I can do on New Year's----- I am always open to new ideas!!!

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