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Too much fun to be healthy

I am addicted to blogs. I spend more hours than I care to divulge, going from one blog to the next. I love the interior design blogs, the fashion blogs, the craft blogs, the art blogs. I have all the signs of an addict; "just this one little blog, then I"ll get right back to the laundry", "I will only surf for 10 minutes", or the best one is... "it's part of my work as it boosts my creativity", (which I really believe to be true). It's just sooooo much fun, but when I walk away from the computer 3 hours later (and it's 2 am), looking like a zombie - Can't be healthy!

That aside, I came across a blog that I must share with you.

A young woman in New York (where else?), decided to spend a year, 365 days, wearing the same simple black dress except accessorizing it differently everyday, not repeating a "look". I'm assuming she washes the dress between wears so let's put that aside. The blog has daily photos of her outfits and let me tell you she is amazing! Whether you love fashion or really couldn't care less, it is fascinating to see what she comes up with.

Pay her a visit HERE.

So back to the laundry...


a month ago...


Shots of green.

Some shots from our home.
I LOVE green, (which should be pretty obvious from my last post).

This photo is of a Papyrus plant. I keep thinking about how important this plant has been to civilization. In ancient Egypt it was first used for boats, mattresses, and most importantly PAPER! Today our use of paper for communication is limited. If it weren't for junk mail our mail boxes would be pretty empty, (even bills are electronic these days). How I long for a good lengthy letter on paper!

The good news, however, is that handmade paper, exquisite sheets of silk infused with flowers, seeds, bamboo, these are having a wonderful renaissance. At Shiri's wedding we set the tables with handmade paper. I hope to come up with an excellent way of reusing these fabulous sheets.

Thank you, sweet papyrus.


and the winner is...I can't decide!

Boy, you guys are talented writers. I tried to choose the name I liked best out of the many creative names you suggested but it was impossible! Finally I decided that the random-number-generator will have to decide on the name for this piece. Can you blame me? Between In A Roundabout Way, Suspended Circles, Spinning My Wheels, and more and more, I just couldn't decide which one!

and the winner is...

Fellow blogger "Needlewoman" and her idea "Seeds of Change." I'm really excited to finish this piece, and I think the new name will be perfect. Her prize is a set of beautiful purple threads I picked out.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

(Note to winner: Please email us with your mailing address so we can send your prize out to you right away.)


Philadelphia Murals and Give-aways!

On Saturday we took a tour of the murals of Philadelphia. We got on the trolley that would take us through the center of Philadelphia. We handed our camera to Nina and let her document the tour . She did an amazing job!

It was wonderful to see how she chose to photograph the murals; the angles, the views, the close-ups. Perhaps we have a photographer in the making?

Next time you're in the area, a tour of the murals is highly recommended.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

and now, for the give-away:
It's been too long since we had our last give-away. It's time to get back to our monthly challenges and this is the one for July...

Remember my Circle period? I'm almost done with the piece I was working on back then, probably one more evening of stitching. Now I need your help. I need a name for the piece. Please send me your suggestions and you will be entered to win a lovely pack of fibers. Get your brilliant ideas to me by Monday (June 15th) so that this poor piece of canvas can have a name.

And here it is, my circle creation, waiting to be named.


Belle Armoire Jewelry

I'm thrilled to be published in the summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. It is a fantastic quarterly magazine that showcases beautiful handmade jewelry from different artists across the country.

Each featured piece includes instructions on the materials and their properties and on how to use the unique techniques to complete the projects. The Summer '09 issue just came out and it is loaded with good stuff, including my needlepoint cuffs! I love it when my needlepoint designs are published in non-needlepoint specific magazines. It always brings hope that maybe, just maybe, someone new will get hooked on needlepoint.

The whole issue is really fantastic, definitely worth checking out.

and speaking about jewels... still waiting for wedding photos but in the meantime...


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