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Sneaky Peaky...

My new furniture has arrived.  But it's just the bare bones.  Still a long way to go before 
I can really share it all with you.  In the meantime, just a little sneak peak. 

Velvet luxurious sofa
Legs of sofa

top of armchair

Side table low view

Ceramics on side table

Back of sofa

Leg of velvet sofa


Fashion Friday.

Ulyana Sergeenko - Tory Burch - Erdem - Peter Pilotto 
 Mary Katrantzou - Stella Jean - Rag & Bone


What will they think of next?

It is so cold!!  Even Esther can't wait to do her business and come running back inside, which makes me very happy!  
Before I start my day I had to share a creatively adorable site, Handimania! You too will find yourself glued to it, trying to tear yourself away...

 What I like about many of these clever ideas is that they really are doable. 



sniffle, tear, sniffle.

I didn't go to New York.  I'm in bed. Sick.

Sniffle, tear, sniffle.   :(

My mother made this blanket for Nomi out of years and years worth of yarn leftovers.  Smile.


20 years is no laughing matter!

It's our anniversary today; Reid and I have been married for 20 years!  20 years, WOW!  Pretty amazing, the thing about how time flies and how it was just like yesterday.  We have been extraordinarily lucky.  I won't go on to the long list, (you may remember, I'm superstitious - See HERE),  however I did want to share a card we received first thing this morning.  

We are very lucky...

PS - in case the writing is too small... it says:
Dear Parents,
All of our love, gratitude and warm wishes on this very special day.  Our marriage would not be possible without yours...
In celebration of your achievement, we would like to treat you to a romantic afternoon filled with modern art.  Please arrive at 4:30 pm at the entrance to MoMA...  There you will be joined by your guide for the evening.  Your dinner reservations are at 6:30 at the Modern...
Dress sharp!
Shiri, Orin & Nomi


SALE! Pin it down!!


The Philadelphia Journey Pin is done on 32 count silk gauze with silk fibers, gorgeous silk fibers! 
The Philadelphia Journey Scissor (or key) FOB, a replica of the pin, is made with sterling silver beads and a wonderful screw on ring.

Both these items are on sale as of today and while supplies last. 

The Philadelphia Journey Pin -                Regular price: $94         Sale price:$80
The Philadelphia Journey Scissor FOB - Regular price: $35         Sale price: $20

Beautiful kits come in plastic boxes.

Click HERE for the Pin Kit
Click HERE for the Scissor FOB


I'd like you to meet...

Meet Elsa Mora.  I could say she is a painter, and illustrator, I could say she is a ceramic artist and a paper artist, I could say she is a photographer and a video artist, I could say she is a mother and a wife, I could and could and could...  but I still I wouldn't have said it all.

Elsa has started a unique site called Art is a Way.  She has put so much thought into it and has adorned it with her works.  I could go on, but why not let her "do the talking"?

Ladies and Gents, I present Elsita...  (Click on her nickname)


Stacey Page - pretty cool!

Pretty wild, eh?  Sometimes I wish I could get into some of these talented people's mind!


The House I Built - New Design for you!

The House I Built is a new piece.  It was a challenging design but one that brought me much enjoyment.  It did not come about in a conventional way, no starting from the middle, no symmetry, no family of colors.  This one grew step by step, brick by brick, so to speak.  Each element of the house comes with a meaning, a significance.  There is a combination of rectangular shapes, angular lines side by side with circular and curvy elements.  The stability and the dreamer.  The bearing walls and the curvy corners.  Nothing is just one thing, it's a mix, it's a contradiction, it's harmony.

The design uses 19 threads, mostly silks.  I've also added some beautiful polymer clay beads which are attached to the canvas.  The beads come in many colors and because they are all handmade, I can't promise which colors you will receive, but you definitely will receive ones that match the colors in the design.   

The design is stitched on 18 count mono canvas.  The finished piece is 7"x6.25"
The complete kit is $120 and the instruction book alone is $33.

I think you will love stitching this piece.  I promise never a dull moment!

You will find the kit HERE.


Come on over! Saturday Feb.9th at Bedecked and Beadazzled!!

Hey Guys - no excuses! 
Come see me for a color class at Ruth Schmuff's marvelous shop 
Bedecked and Beadazzled in Maryland on Saturday, February 9th. 

It's going to be a FUN FUN FUN class.  
And the shop is an explosion of color to keep us inspired.  

Give Ruth a call to reserve your spot at: Toll Free 888.LV2.NDLPT

Look at the photos and then at the canvas below to see the color interpretations of the students in this class!

The photo closest to the bottom and it's correlating thread choices - amazing!

Close up of two student pieces.


Boxes headed out!

Anybody going to Callaway?  I'm packing 3 big boxes of books and kits headed to the boutique at the Needle Arts Seminar. 

Leigh of Needle Bug in Montgomery, Alabama is running the boutique at Callaway.  We are discussing plans for me to come teach at her shop as well so... if you're in the Montgomery area, get ready!!

PS - if you'd like to keep up to date with my upcoming events which include teaching, new designs, sales etc., sign up for blog updates on the right side of the blog....  see snapshot below...


I'm so confused!!!

For the past few years, and hopefully into the future, I have tried to alternate my summer plans; one year teach at the ANG National Seminar and one year go to Israel to be with my family.  I did not apply to teach at this upcoming Seminar, I was exhausted after last years' wonderful event and I want to spend a nice chunk of time in Israel this summer.  Now, the Chicago Seminar of 2014, that one I don't want to miss. Chicago is Reid's hometown and he can't wait to tag along, for him I MUST teach in 2014.  

So I've been putting together proposals for classes and they now sit ready in a box going out tomorrow in order to meet the deadline.  I'm exhausted!  It's so much work, deciding what to propose and how to "show" the class to the faculty committee.  It must be presented in a certain way, there are definite guidelines.  It should look nice and appealing, and forms must be filled out.  Samples should be stitched, it helps, I've been told.  I mentioned that I am exhausted, but it's not from all I've mentioned.  It's from trying to figure out What Do I Propose?????  

There are two different groups of people I need to appeal to; the selection committee and the student body.  They may not think alike, they may not like the same thing.  Stitchers may tell me that they would be so interested in a certain type of class, but the selection committee may not see the appeal or the need for such a class, therefore stopping me in my tracks.  The selection committee may enthusiastically choose one of my proposals, only to have less than the minimum required students sign up.  That's when a class gets cancelled before Seminar even starts.  

I've been proposing for Seminars for over 12 years.  I still have NO CLUE how to make it work.  What is the magic formula for a class that will appeal to the committee and will attract student registration.  To me it still seems like a magic equation, one that I am not privy to, but with a bit of luck, I may just coincidentally get right.

In all honesty, I've been lucky many times, but not always.  In fact, many times I've predicted a certain class would be a huge hit and it wasn't and the other way around...

 I'm confused and have my fingers crossed for Chicago Seminar 2014...

I don't have a photo of my confused face, and you probably wouldn't want to see it anyway... but I do have a photo of our Nina playing at her concert in the Jazz Ensemble.  They were great!!  Got the entire audience swaying!  Sitting in the front row, with the glasses, I present... Nina Willis!


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