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All SAMBURU kits are now 30% off with the discount code SAM30!!! This kit comes with a full canvas, fibers, Ultrasuede and an amazing assortment of beads to make the ultimate statement piece!!!

 The instruction books for this show-stopping necklace include detailed charts and photos to ease the making of this fun, fast piece.

 This is going to be the last of these kits for quite some time, so grab them while you can!!! Use the discount code SAM30 durning checkout at adornbyorna.com! ENJOY!!!


... made for walking


New FOBs and more discounts!

Since our appearance in Needlepoint Now, with our featured FOBs, we completely sold out. SO what's a girl to do?  Design new FOBs for our Etsy shop.  This new batch is very delicate with finely made lampwork beads, enamel drops and flowers, tassels and strong silver and gold colored metal findings.  Get $5 off your order using the discount coupon: NEEDLENOW5.
Keep checking back, there are more batches on their way!


Nature with a needle


A little breather :)

Polly Verity folds paper. She uses an origami technique, scores and folds from one sheet no cuts, no glue. I see tessellations everywhere.


I'm in Needlepoint Now, so let's give away a discount code!

Needlepoint Now is featuring my FOBs!!  How cool!!
I feel this calls for a discount code... therefore $5 off for your next FOB purchase!  The code is NEEDLENOW5

Check them all out HERE!


Is it just me?????

  1. You pre arrange to move out of your condo building, pay a deposit and have it all set weeks in advance.  The day of the move, as all your boxes are stacked near the elevator, you find out that management scheduled the tiles in the elevator be replaced that same day and they won't stop the work.
  2. You are charged $900 by the moving company for the wasted day and management won't reimburse you.
  3. You get Xfinity to install internet in your new rental and in the 4 weeks since you moved, it hasn't worked well for even one whole day.  You have spent at least 1 week's time out of those 4 weeks on hold with Xfinity.
  4. You upgrade your AT&T cell phone, which never worked well in the first place, agree to pay whatever they ask for, only to find out they didn't tell you about the other $45 odd dollars extra monthly charges.  
  5. The nice guy who helps you come to terms with the $45, cause they ain't coming off,  gets you to agree to take on the new plan that gives you more data for the same price. BIG MISTAKE.
  6. You see your AT&T bill, you want to cry!
  7. You call them and try to resolve the issues, you do cry.
  8. You buy a new Westinghouse fridge from Best Buy.  It should get delivered in a 4 hour window.  It comes and gets installed.
  9. Next day the freezer is full of frost, like in the old days when you needed to defrost the fridge. You call and are on hold 35 minutes, schedule a repair.  They come, the compressor is dead. You wait 35 minutes on hold to ask to get a replacement.  They give you another 4 hour window. Saga to continue when and if replacement arrives.
  10. You realize you are boring your blog readers to death with your horror stories so you decide to only share 10 of the 32 stories you have, in just a month time span.
Oh well.


Organizational genius: meet Rae!

Wherever we are, and wherever we will find ourselves, I know Rae will get us organized!  We are now located in my living room/dining room/kitchen area.  We have a corner of the room as seen in the photo, and we are doing great!

Rae has put the cutest labels on each of our drawers, some with little vines... awwww.  You may not think it's makes a difference, oh, but it does!!


Rebirth of a design... SHALOM (third colorway added!)

Over the period of our move, and reorganization of our temporary studio, I took time in the evenings to revisit one of my designs from 1999, SHALOM.  Between the turmoil of elections, chaos and terror, uncertainty, I felt it was a good time to bring this one back, improved, updated and oh so needed.  Shalom in Hebrew means PEACE.



The design uses a metallic thread in the background, which takes the design up a notch, to become an elegant display of hope.  The circle of swirls represents the circle of life, but here it is dancing, excited and hopeful.  The maze in the center of the design is balance, order, calm.  How much we need this as a base to our existence! 

We will have the kits for this design ready to ship in 10 days.  In the meantime, we are offering a preorder option, which gives you a 10% discount.  If you would like to place your order now and enjoy the discount,  send us an email to: CLICK HERE.   Please state what colorway you are interested in; Calm (Turquoise colorway), or Serene, (Pink colorway), or Tranquil, (Purple colorway).  We will then send you a Paypal invoice which will include the discount.  

The kit including instruction guide, (not canvas), is $105.

You will be ready to stitch your Peace, your Shalom, and as you do so, it will be as if you are praying for the best of times.

 Shalom to all -


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