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Saturday to Wednesday

I just got back from my "Nomi fix", staying with her while Shiri and Orin took a quick trip to Ireland for the opening of "Once" in Dublin.  Would you be surprised if I told you that I loved every moment with that little one?  Amazing!! 

I even got to go into the city for a few hours and thought about you guys when I was at the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle.  I saw these shoes and clutches by L.K.Bennett London, in a store window...


I wasn't pleased with the quality of the photos I took, so I looked them up for you and here is the collection...

So Purty!


Daily visits...

I have sites that I make sure to visit daily.  These sites do their best to entice me to spend money. They curate some very interesting, sometimes odd, many times pretty and most of the time well priced, items for me or my home.

I will list these sites a bit later, but today on my daily visit I found an abundance of what?  Needlepoint, of course!  These are all vintage pieces, you know, the kind you sadly find in garage sales going for $5.  But not here!  These pieces, stitched lovingly, are priced with much more respect!
Needlepoint Abstract sold for over $700

The little lamb $65

Such a lovely drummer set, $125

This very sweet scene from
the Wizard of Oz $165

The Teddy $169

Maybe we can meet on one of my daily visits?  You do need to sign up for these sites, but I haven't gotten any hassling from them since I signed up.   Here is where I go -


Today in my studio...

I love you, girls!


In a few days you'll know!

Tones of Earth

Skip to My Lou
Lupines in my Garden
Can You Feel the Heat?
Cool Spring Morning
Winter in Miami
Hot Momma
Deep Sea


Nemo is on his way.

This morning I was listening to NPR. They were talking about how the Weather Channel was giving storms names nowadays.  For instance the big storm that is coming to the Northeast today, it's been named Nemo by none other than The Weather Channel!  And you know what else?  Since they are a broadcasting company, when these storms and tornadoes and other such catastrophes come along,  they get the highest number of viewers and ratings.  And you what else? Their revenues are the highest.  And you know what I think?  When we go to a channel to get important, sometimes crucial information for our safety, shouldn't it be void of any commercial interests?

Nina, Andrea and Willie in a Philadelphia snow storm circa 2009


Come on over!!

This Saturday I will be at Bedecked & Beadazzled teaching a color class. Come on over!!
I will also bring a trunk show with me so make sure to stop by if you are in the hood...

... and speaking of color, Lauren Clay is doing color, paper-mache, acrylics and wood all put together to make these ...

See you on Saturday!


Fiber art on the streets of everywhere!

After the delightful barrage of knit bombing, I think we have moved on to stitch bombing, and I can't be more proud!!  Take a look at some examples...

Miss Crosstitch If you are anywhere in the world where there are grids on public display, consider helping her out with her mission of beautification with fiber.  How cool!

Mariee from my town of Philadelphia is doing her share: HERE

Sarah Corbet has her thing going on HERE

A whole bunch of different, fantastic street art HERE

This one is probably the most amazing of them all!!  Read about it at Design Sponge and don't miss the video showing the process.


There has to be a law!

There has to be a law against tempting me with the scrumptious talent of others!!
Evidence: Designer, Haitian/Italian enormously creative Stella Jean.
(don't you think some of my cuffs would look amazing along with these works of beauty?)



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