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Memorial Day Sale and then closing down for 2 weeks!

On Tuesday, May 31st through June 14th, we will be closed down for our move. While we are closed there will be no shipping. After the 31st you will be able to place orders, however we won't be sending them out till after the 14th. Feel free to contact us with any questions, we will be online.

In the meantime we have one last SALE, our Memorial Day Sale. ALL the Thread Bundles are on sale 30% off! Pop on over to ADORN, and use the code: MADMONDAY for your 30% discount!


My Color Class in Chicago is coming up in August!

In all of the turmoil here at the studio and at home, boxes, bags, piles, I realized that my Color Inspiration class in Chicago with ANG chapter Sassy Stitchers, is coming up in August.  This makes me very happy, because:

  • Reid is from Chicago and I have very fond memories of visiting his parents there when we first met.  
  • Chicago is such a wonderful city, with such a wealth of art.
  • I'm so looking forward to meeting the ladies of Sassy Stitchers!  I mean just the name seems like this is going to be a great group.
  • There is no class that quite excites me like my Color Inspiration!  Here are some examples of students who have completed the class and their interpretation of a photograph...

These are just a few of the many amazing examples my students have done.  If you are interested in coming to this class, contact Sassy Stitchers

Back to the boxes!


Can I have some sympathy here?


BOOM, they are gone.

Thank you for snatching up my bags so fast!  I'm sorry that I couldn't accommodate everyone, but I do have a few more goodies.

I have 5 tulip bags, these are wrist bags about 7.5" tall and 4" wide.  They are clenched with a belt and a needlepoint magnetic buckle.  Very cute and can be used to carry some small items when you need a free hand.  I'm offering these for $35 (plus shipping), each.

I have 3 brown ones, (each brown one is different), one mustard color and one lime color.  Just write Brown, Mustard, or Lime.  I will happily accommodate the first five of you.  Send me your Paypal email and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.



It may sound crazy...

However, I think it's time to say goodbye to the last of my Ultrasuede/Needlepoint bags.  I have 8 left, and I am offering them at $50 each, (plus shipping).  Each bag has a needlepoint piece of about 5.5" square, everything is beautifully handmade.  Ultrasuede bag, Ultrasuede lining in a contrast color, magnetic closure and cute feet on the bottom to keep the bag off the ground.  The bags are approximately 10" x 12" x 4" with cushy cute handles.  Watch the video to see all the colors that are left.

If you want one of these bags for a steal, email me and I will send you a Paypal invoice and ship your choice off to you.   Quick before I change my mind...  ;)


Can we plan together?

I am very fortunate to have this dilemma!  I love the process of imagining my new home. Our architects, QB3, the same guys who so brilliantly executed our loft remodel 6 years ago, asked me to start with a "Manifesto", what do I consider my ultimate living environment, who am I when I am at home and what's important to me in that setting.  Luckily we have Pinterest, and I started a board called Dream House. This is where I dump anything I love that has any chance of finding it's way to our future home.  I may want a swimming pool, but that isn't happening, so unrealistic stuff I try to keep away from, not always successfully.  
My next assignment is to make a list of things I want, and I see this as a list of "living" knowledge I've accumulated over the years, what I use, what I need, what really makes a difference to me.  I've been working on that list, below I've listed a few of the items.  But what if I could get help from all the years of experience you all have?  What if you could tell me what things you need in your living space? 
 Can I get your help?

Here is a sampling of my list:
  • We want to have a TV area not as part of the big living room.  It can be sectioned off with some sort of millwork, it doesn’t have to be a full wall, even a partial partition. We like the idea of sitting in a smaller setting with some sort of sectional that we can lay around on and eat snacks on, (and stitch on, of course!!)
  • We want a laundry room with a utility sink.  It doesn’t have to be big but somewhere I can fill buckets of water, do hand wash, keep the piles and piles of dirty laundry we always seem to accumulate so fast.  A closet isn’t going to be enough.
  • We need a  table for 4-6 people to eat on a daily basis.  If it could seat more than 4 that would be great.
  • We need enough storage space for large items.  (Suitcases, portable heaters in the summer, coolers, all the extra paper products, etc. etc.)
  • I want to live in a home with enough light so that I never have to turn on a light during the daytime.  Light = sanity for me.
What would your list have?

Reid and I thank you :)


Entire sections of our shops on SALE!

A whole new batch of fibers and beads have been added to the sales bins, QUICK! click HERE!  (You will find most of the sales in the Thread Assortment, Moving Sale, Sale Bin and Beads sections).

For the next four weeks we will continuously post sales and great deals, starting now!

AND... add this code at checkout and get yet another 10% OFF: MOREOFF10

Next we also have a Moving sale on ADORN!

The ENTIRE EMBELLISHMENT section is on 15% sale... QUICK! click HERE!

The code at checkout for this sale is: MOVINGSALE


SALE everywhere!

You must be tired of hearing about it...  but I need to say it again...  we are moving!  i.e. we are having great sales of so many great items.  


Big discounts await you daily, keep checking back!


Thread is taking over the world of art.

Russian artist Lisa Smirnova


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