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We are BACK!!

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Signs of normalcy?


and in the middle of all this, this happens...

Have I mentioned our move from hell? I think I have.
Yesterday I thought I needed to put some home in the house, i.e. make a nice, prepared from scratch dinner, instead of the frozen dinners or take outs we've been eating for the past few weeks.  Just as I was cutting up the chicken, Esther began crying.  She was shaking her head and crying.  When I came up to her and touched her ear, the one she seemed to be bothered by, she yelped.  I also thought one of her eyes looked a bit cloudy.  I immediately called the vet who told me that I could have an appointment in 2 hours.  I couldn't wait that long with a crying baby at home, so I took her to the vet and waited 2 hours, all the while I was crying. To make a long story a little bit shorter, Esther has an ear infection, but what is worse is that she has developed a cataract in her eye.  It was sudden, it came on so fast!  We don't know the reason, what brought it on and what the extent of the damage is, she will need to see an ophthalmologist, .  Our poor Esther.

There I go, crying again.


Oh man, moving sucks.

Shattered Plates, Bowls, Cups

Broken Floss Cabinet


A picture is worth 1000 words...

We will be back soon.  


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