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Over the years I've collected a very nice library of books on art, needlecraft, wood turning, paper art, and more.  Sometimes I will just sit and look at the books, sometimes I'll come up close and read every title and try to see what I remember from inside each of the books.  Every once in awhile there will be a book that I swear I never saw before, don't remember when I bought it.  I'll look through the book as if looking at a stranger.  Then, on one page, I'll see something that will jolt my memory, like a familiar glimmer in the "stranger"'s eye, and I'll remember. 

One of the books I've awarded myself lately is called "Push Stitchery - 30 Artists Explore the Boundaries of Stitched Art".  It's curated by Jamie Chalmers and is published by Lark.  If you love art/craft books, you know Lark.  Jamie Chalmers, aka, Mr. X Stitch.  Heard of him?  You should!  He is one of the most recognized male embroiders today.  He has a website, established in 2008. Mr. X Stitch, the website, has become the hub of contemporary embroidery.  I highly recommend you pay him a visit, HERE.

The artists showcased in this book create some of the most amazing, creative, expressive work I have seen this side of a needle's eye.  I highly recommend!


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