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Quilling for the New Year.

To all my friends, family, loved ones,


Playing around with some Quilling for the New Year



Charlotte Taylor, young British designer and my attempt at it...

and my attempt at Charlotte Tayloring...


Musical brilliance!

In the times of holiday concerts, the one we are most excited about is at Nina's school, GAMP.  This is a public magnet school, with a very big emphasis on music, classical, jazz, music theory, choir, and more and more.  The children are expected to keep up their academic grades and when they are absent from a lesson because of one or another of the above activities, it is their responsibility to complete what they missed.  Quite remarkable.  No wonder the concerts at this school are phenomenal! 
The kids along with past students who just happened to be in the audience, are singing Handel's Messiah.  PHENOMENAL!! 

The entire school crowds the front, the aisles, the back of their wonderful concert hall and sing for us!
Today we are off to see Nina play her saxophone in a few smaller ensembles.  Can't wait!


Wrapping it up.


A story of two girls.

When Nina came home from Cambodia for the first time, her cousin, Yuval, was there waiting for her.  They were only three months apart in age and they immediately bonded.  The two little ones could not be more different; for obvious reasons, (see photos), and also in character.  Nina was like a hurricane, she would sweep into a room and grab everything in her sight.  Yuval was like a gentle breeze, much calmer, slower, softer.  When the girls were three we moved to Philadelphia and Yuval moved to Israel.  Since then they meet in the summers and pick up where they left off.  As the years go by, in some ways, they move apart, leading their own lives in different parts of the world with different important people in their lives.  But in a very basic way they are still the two little girls, playing side by side, knowing a sense of calm from having a soul mate at their side.


New for you... the Journey Pin Kit

I'm very pleased to offer to you one of my favorite little treasures - The Journey Pin.  I designed this pin for some of the leading contributors in time and resources to the Philadelphia ANG 40th year celebration.  There were a limited number of pins stitched for these few and now, three months later, I am offering the design with kit and all, to you.

This 1.25" x 1.25" design stitched on 40 count silk gauze is absolutely delectable.   It has intricacy, depth and a lovely combination of colors.  It comes with silk gauze stretched on mat-board so no stretcher bars needed.  An appropriate needle, and the lovely silver-tone pin, (1.5" x 1.5") is in the kit as well.  All the luscious silks and one accent filament are packaged in a hard plastic box that can be used to store this project or any other.  I LOVE little boxes, don't you?  The instructions include all the details on stitching the pin beautifully and then on preparing and installing it in the pin.

If you plan on presenting this as a gift, it ready to be handed on.  I think you will love having this pin in your repertoire of jewelry!


I'm so clever... can you find them?

 From the couture runways of 2012-2013

PS!!  A new cuff in the Etsy shop, Cleopatra cuff in teal/turquoise 


Beautiful Menorahs, I think I need a new one!


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