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Coming home and experimenting

Just got back from a delightful weekend with my Wolves.  Nomi and Ruben Wolf, my sweet and funny grandkids.  We spent 2 days, just the three of us, in our PJs, on the rug, playing and building and singing and dancing and just generally being goofy.  We had a blast!

On Sunday nights I have lots of TV to cover, so I can get lots of stitching done. Yes, I watch and stitch, and somehow it works.  (There is Homeland, The Newsroom and The Affair all on Sunday nights).  I'm working on the Bird series and have done lots of experimenting with different parts of the birds and the background.  What do you think?

I'll keep you posted for more!


Samburu has arrived!

Winter Wheat
Samburu. It's a small jewel, one of my most satisfying designs, one of my most beautiful pieces of stitched needlepoint jewelry. It's now ready and looking for a home...

The great thing about this kit is that it really is a fast stitch! It's not boring fast, it's got lots of variety and a remarkable array of fibers. The instructions for the kit, particularly the finishing, are extremely detailed, extremely precise, very easy to follow, you will be in good hands. You will learn how to bead, make tassels, finish a needlepoint piece, all skills that will stay with you for future pieces.

You can stitch a Samburu as a gift for the holidays for a friend, a daughter, a mother. You can stitch one for yourself. And when you are ready to wear the necklace out, you only need a simple turtleneck or a solid color button down shirt, place your Samburu around your neck, and you will look oh so very elegant.


The design comes in three colorways: Winter Wheat, Peacock and Rainbow. The kit includes everything you need!! 18 count canvas, silks, metallics, a wonderful assortment of pearls, beads, metal findings, Ultrasuede.

The cost of the kit is: $132 and it can be found in our ETSY shop. 




Our complete kits are now 20% off!

Many of our most popular design kits are now under $100,
(instructions, laminated charts, fibers and beads).
Great opportunity to get that kit you've always wanted!!
See it all in our ETSY shop NOW!


Happy Birthday, Ruben!

There is nothing quite as amazing as the first year of a baby's life.  No other time brings with it so much change, from a newborn to a one year old.  

Ruben is born 11/11/13

Six months into his first year

Ruben with his beautiful mother, one year old.
Happy birthday, little man.  We love you sooooo much!  


You have heard so much about it... Here it was!

The flowers are being picked up and will be arranged in little vases.
If you get a shipment of threads with a bit of wine, will you complain? Just kidding!!  My studio is a hub central.
The jazz band warming up.

Caterers are prepping, things are looking yummy and smelling to die for!!
The room is alive!
I love how the runners are laid in different directions.
Each table is very similar but really nothing is the same.
At first I didn't think I wanted candles, but they looked lovely along the window sills.

The menu...  so good!

The doorbell rings...
Beginning to arrive...
See my threads peeking out from the right?

Wine in hand, chit chatting away.
Beverages are poured

Scrapbook  pages laid out and guests write wishes for Nina.
Reid giving a wonderfully funny and touching speech.


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