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This one cracks me up ;)

"My biggest fear is that when I die my husband will sell all my needlepoint supplies for what I told him they cost".
I put a star key ring on this one since I think it's a star phrase!

A few other new ones:

(I'm going to post them on ETSY tonight. If you are interested, send me a message and I'll put it aside. $30 each)


Why I do what I do.

A fabulous stitcher who completed one of my designs in an online class mentioned to me that she chose not to follow my numbered chart for a certain stitch.  I wrote back explaining why I numbered the chart as I did.  Her answer was: "Ah! That's good to know. I always like knowing the whys!"
Her answer got me to thinking that I should do more of this, explaining why I choose to do things a certain way.  So here are a few whys:

1. Why I stitch my Rhodes with an extra last stitch, which goes over the first stitch.  Look at the diagram below...
Stitch 17-18 goes over a stitch already in place, stitch 1-2.  One reason I repeat the stitch is to have a perfect diagonal last stitch, giving a better look to the piece.  If I completed the Rhodes with just stitch 15-16, it would be just a bit off, and with geometrics, a bit off can be a nuisance. I could, however begin the Rhodes placing stitch 1-2 where stitch 3-4 is and then the last diagonal stitch would not be going over the first, but...  I like to have my Rhodes have a higher top, I like to see the play of light on these stitches, and stitching as shown in the above diagram gives my Rhodes just a little bit of an extra mound.

2. Why I always search for the path that will wrap my canvas threads.

Using the "wrap canvas threads" method, you can find the best path for your stitching on your own. Always try to keep your canvas hole empty, and you will have easier access to the hole for a second stitch as well as no shadows from the stitches on the back of the canvas.

3. Why I believe that you should bead on canvas using a thread the color of your canvas and NOT the color of your bead. Look at the illustration below and squint.  The top bead is going to look elongated, oval-ish and the bottom bead will look distinct, standing out on the canvas.  The bottom bead with the thread the color of the canvas brings the bead to light, and makes it stand out on the background of the canvas color.

Do you have any of your own "why I do what I do"?  Share, won't you?


What a racquet!

I couldn't resist the title for this post, corny, I know.
My father was an avid tennis player.  He loved the game and spent many a hot Saturday playing at our local tennis club.  He would have been so proud to see Nina on the court, that girl has quite a stroke!
But in a much different way, so does Danielle Clough.  Her's is a stroke of embroidery genius.  Just take a look!!!


Bringing Linda Back!

With a new instruction guide, new charts and 3 colorways, I am bringing Linda back.

In Lavender 
In Rose Garden
In Burgundy

Close up
You can find her HERE.


Adding hearts and stars *

We have just added key rings in the shape of hearts, (gold color), and stars, (silver color), to all the beautiful FOBS that did not include the rings.  The items have been updated online and the prices have not changed!  Give them a look HERE.

(*many of the FOBS already had rings either flowers or round shapes).


OFF all beads!

Take $5 off EACH bead combination you purchase.

Place all your choices in your cart and enter the code: 5OFF.  You will get a $5 discount off of each of the bead items you have in your cart.

So let's say you ordered these guys...
The code above will give you $20 off your order!

Ends March 31st!!  Go get 'em!


It should be illegal!

Having this much fun seems naughty...  I love making these cool pendants, (or FOB charms or anything else you'd like to use these for)!  Four new shapes, designs and phrases are in our ETSY shop HERE.

Here they are:

These come ready for you or ready to gift.  Pop on over to ETSY.

Back to having fun!!



FOB giveaway!

This brass baby will be delivered to one lucky stitcher's house.  
It's stamped on brass and has a REAL Jessica stitched onto it.

All you need to do is like our Facebook page HERE  or HERE
and tune back in on Friday, March 18th, to hear 
who wins this FOB.  


Maison Schiaparelli, 2016 couture fashion, celebrates the handwork we love!

Embroidery, needlework, beading, quilting; all given a front row placement 
in Schiaparelli's 2016 couture fashion show...

Take a look at the fashion show video.  It is so spectacularly heartwarming!!


Reflections of Joy has a new colorway!

Remember my recent trip to Florida, where I taught a workshop on my design Reflections of Joy?  I designed a special colorway for the group, in honor of their guild's 25th anniversary!  It is now available to all!

The book has been completely renewed and updated. The colors are inspired by Florida, the fibers touched by the ocean breeze and sunshine. Silver, (25th anniversary), adds a gorgeous shimmer throughout which brings to mind the calm and quiet feeling of the sun reflected on ocean waves.

You can order your kit, with new book and the list of all 3 colorways today at our shop: HERE!

Here are the other two existing colorways...


I'd like to introduce you to...

my new design - IKAT.

Done on Congress Cloth with beautiful silk fibers, this design is my interpretation of the dyeing and weaving technique called Ikat. The design comes in two colorways, incorporates beautiful silks, beads and memory wire. The result is both elegant and ethnic, intricate and strong. The "Ikat" kit includes your piece of Congress Cloth, (in green or tan), the rich silk fibers, the Delica beads, the wire and the wonderful sequins used in framing the design. The instruction guide is very detailed and has an abundance of diagrams and charts, including the wonderful laminated Master Chart.

Ikat - Babylonian colorway

Ikat - Chaldien colorway
Visit the Adorn shop to see the design and order yours today!


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