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The birth of a smart phrase, AKA JEWELRY GIVE AWAY!!

I actually came upon this phrase in Hebrew and loved it so much I had to translate it.  

Don't wait for the storm to pass - learn to dance in the rain.

So smart and so true.  I needed to put the phrase to good use, so I stamped it on a brass disc, (or is it disk?). I then gave the letters an enamel filling. 

Next I brushed the metal with my Foredom tool and then gave it a good polish.  I drilled a hole at the top so as to make room for a jump ring.

Lastly I inserted a piece of brass fitting into the hole to give it a nice finished look and added a jump ring and a "dangles by orna" tag.  

and now it's ready for a lucky winner!  

So here are the rules...

*  in order to qualify to win we will be trading; I give you my phrase, you must give me one of your favorite phrases!
* leave the phrase and your name in the comment section of this blog.
* I apologize but I can only accept entries from the United States due to postage costs.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and reading all your snippets of wisdom!

(You can see lots more stamped jewelry at Dangles by Orna).


Me being philosophical - may be worth reading...

It's not like me to talk about religion and belief in a higher power.  I feel it's a very personal part of our souls, and I choose to keep it there.  But, (of course this was coming...), I have been thinking of one of my favorite traditional melodies, that is sung to the words of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, who was the founder of the Breslov Hasidic dynasty.  Even if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, I think the words associated to this wise man are profound:

"All the world is a very narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to be overwhelmed by fear."

What is it that characterizes a very narrow bridge?  Standing on it, there is nowhere to run, any one mistake can be fatal, and as you stand there, you are alone.  And yet, what is a worse enemy than standing on that narrow bridge above the unknown? It is fear itself.  Fear distracts you, paralyzes you, brings on thoughts of dangers that don't really exist.  So as you stand there the most important thing is not to watch where you go, to walk slowly, or to not look down.  The most important thing is not to be overwhelmed with fear.  I used to sing this song to Shiri and Nina when they were little, it seems like such a great lesson to try and pass on to the next generation.  

I've stamped a new necklace with the words: Vehaikar Lo Lefached Klal meaning, the most important thing is not to be afraid.  

A small dagger shaped stone hangs from the top of the bar, complementing the message of strength. 

At my Etsy shop HERE!

(I hope you didn't mind that little it of philosophy...)😘


The art of the thimble.

Monika Brugger, an acclaimed artist of metal, fabric, and thread has fabricated an intriguing study on the thimble.  Her metalwork is delicate and bold at the same time. Her fabric and thread work is minimalistic and abundant at the same time.  Take a look...


Give me a LIKE?

I'm pretty excited this morning.  I love to be discovered, to be recognized, but really don't we all? It's an honor when someone recommends your work, something you made with your mind, your creativity and your two hands. Even more so to be recognized on one of my favorite lifestyle Israeli websites, it's sort of closing a circle, but in a very good way, I'm kvelling!
(kvell k(ə)vel/verb feel happy and proud. "my mom was kvelling—bursting with pride")

Back in 1988 Michaela Bercu appeared on the cover of American "Vogue".  This Israeli beauty was chosen for Anna Wintour's first Vogue cover since she had taking over the magazine as editor.   Michaela was fresh, natural looking, and seemed so approachable.  It was also the first time a model wore jeans on the cover of Vogue.  I remember that cover very well!

Years later she started her lifestyle website and I am an avid follower.  For me it's nice to stay on top of what's happening on the Israeli front.  Today I am thrilled to have my work praised and displayed on the site.

Michaela ends the article by saying: " I must say... the beauty in Orna's work starts in the packaging." Now you know how proud that makes me feel!!
See those stars at the bottom left of the photo above with the circle around them?  How about popping over to the website and giving me a 5 star boost?  HERE you go!


A free design! Simple, effective and easy!

A simple stitch, a play on colors and fiber types, 
a thought out repetition of pattern and voila, a design. 
Would you like a FREE instruction guide and list of fibers for this design? 

Send us your email address and we will send you this pdf instruction guide!! 

Happy Saturday!!


Doodling my way to a design.

So many times I've been asked how I start creating a new piece of needlepoint and it has forced me to go back and figure out what the process is. (I talk some about it on the podcast HERE). 
One of the ways I begin a new design comes from a new interest, or infatuation if it really gets bad. If you've seen my new pieces of jewelry you will see feathers coming into play.  I'm feeling them.  I'm fascinated with the elegance of those "hair" like things, actually called "barbs" and how they line up beautifully side by side.  How you can stroke them and they move and then fall right back into place. How each of them is colored and how together they make up a whole other color story. 

But the feather thing has also found it's way to my needlepoint.  At this point I'm doodling.  Looking for how I'd like to represent those feathers, what I think I can do with thread that will be a new way of expressing those amazing delicate creatures.  Because they may seem delicate, they may blow away in the wind, but they can do the most magical thing, they make a bird FLY!

A feather I used in one of my earrings


Cuban through and through!!

Cuba has a magical charm, a place associated with old movies, 
great singing and dancing and glorious fashion on swaying hips.  
I love the colors, and I love the fantastic scarfs the woman tie around their heads. 

Here is my Cuban affair, great earrings with bold colors.  And here is how to wear them!!!

 Chanel dedicated their 2017 resort wear show to Cuban fashion.  

I'm not endorsing smoking cigars, but can you resist these ladies?


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