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I can't help myself, sorry. (Update: All Sold Out!!!)

These are boxes for my favorite fibers ready to go out to you.  We continued to get orders after we sold out, so we decided to order for one more round.  I know, I can't help myself, I want you to have these mouth watering collections.  SO...  there are 2 more, final, 2 more collections left.  If you want them, run, don't walk, HERE

Thank you, again, for trusting me with choices of fiber colors!  I'm honored.

I know I've shown many of these before, they are just some of the many amazing color pieces by my students.  However, I can't help myself, I need to line them up again and again, see how wonderful the work is, I am admiring them all!

(This is just a sampling, if your piece is not here, it's probably because the photos were not quite clear enough, please retake photos and send to me, I'd love to put them up as well.)


Nummy, Nummy, new colors, new flavors.

These are July 2015 Orna's Must Have Fibers.  

Each box has 15 skeins, 5 Watercolours and 10 silk Pepper Pot.  No repeats!  120 skeins coordinated in color. They arrive in plastic hinged boxes, great for storing and for just sitting staring mindlessly (because we can't help it). 

Only $440 for the entire set, HERE

We have only 4 sets left.  Every month we will present you with a unique set of fibers, my must haves, the ones I can't live without. Only a limited number of sets available, sorry...

Tuesday we will be on our way to New Hampshire to spend 5 days at the music festival at Walden.  Reid and I plan to enjoy the lakes and mountains, and listen to pieces composed by the students.  
I look at the photo on the right, little Nina, and find it mind boggling to think she is composing pieces played by professional musicians, while living away from us for 5 weeks.  Where has the time gone? 


Are men taking over Needlepoint?

I've come across two sites that have raised the question in my mind: Have men taken over needlepoint?  And perhaps an even more provocative question... Do they have a better sense of how to turn needlepoint into a successful business? 

The first site - Smathers & Branson, has a very lovely story. You can read about these guys and how their company came to be: HERE.  Smathers & Branson began with a girlfriend's needlepoint belt gift. Eventually these guys actually learned how to needlepoint (although they needed to eventually find their needlepointing staff in Vietnam).

I know it's wrong to judge a person by his/her appearance, but honestly, if you had to guess, wouldn't you say they were young financial advisors from Wall Street?  And, perhaps in a way, they are, because their story tells of how they wanted to find a way to turn their handmade needlepoint belts into a thriving business.

While there are many women who have become successful needlepoint business owners, how many are willing to state, right there in town square, that they want their business to bring in a booming income.  How many of us still need to apologize for our desire to exchange our art for dollars? 

The next company site, Needlepaint, is owned by Seth Berman.  At first glance I thought that perhaps it was an extension of one of the big craft stores such as Michael's.  But what really made me think about the site more seriously was the blog, which seems quite informative with tips and how to's that discuss needlepointing in a serious way.  I was not expecting that.  

Their website is smooth, easy to navigate, and does not apologize for exchanging money for a needlepoint kit.  

Am I stereotyping? Perhaps.  But I do believe women in the business of needlepoint need to aim at making a good income, a profit.  Success in business along with a love for needlepoint is what will make this artform thrive.  It's a win - win.  


I am nothing without.

I am nothing without my wonderful friends, who help make my work possible.

I am nothing without Kathy Gordon, who with her enthusiasm, her brilliant stitching, and her intelligent and thoughtful suggestions, makes my designs look their best.  Today I received a package from her that included 4 pieces, stitched and proofed.

I could not do what I love doing, and do it well without my friend, Kathy.

I am nothing without my stitching friends who come to spend time with me, who allow me to share with them what I have learned, and who ask for more.

Holding Joseph's coat in our hands

Thank you Buff and Lori, Linda and Lisa, Patrick and Karen, Ann and Carol, Jo and Father B, for spending the last three days with me, letting me lead them to places they did not know they wanted to see. 

Thank you!


Humbled, speechless, and in complete awe.

I've always thought that needlepointing modern, artistic portraiture is not possible.  It would have to be done with a painted canvas in the background and some forced stitches to fit into the various parts of the subject.  No, that is not true, Orna.  Here is proof.  Now THAT is needlepoint at it's finest!!

Let me introduce you to Maria E Pineres.


(I dare any needlepoint judge to tell me there is anything wrong with these pieces...)


Color and Design Workshop

I am in serious mode, hard at work building my new workshop/lab on Color and Design.  

This workshop is a Part Two of sorts, and a prerequisite to taking this workshop is having done my Color Inspiration workshop.  Here we will be going a step further.  We learned how to seek inspiration for interesting color combinations and how to interpret a particular scene into a fabulous color story, uniquely ours, now let us hone those skills while learning how to design a geometric.  If you know me, you know this is not going to be a traditional design class. We are not going to learn how to recite S-c-a-l-e, D-o-m-i-n-a-n-c-e, C-o-n-t-r-a-s-t, B-a-l-a-n-c-e, blah blah blah, not because those terms are bad or wrong but because they are the end, we are looking for the means. We are looking for the beginning and for the journey.  Why are those pesky rules found in design books, or talked about in design classes?  We will find out, we will go back to the origin, back to what makes it all work.

I've got the concept, now I need to figure out the best exercises and experiments to do in order be on our way to your new, unique, and beautiful geometric design.  We will not only talk and experiment, you will come away with your own creation!

If you have taken my Color Inspiration class, would you be interested in Part 2, where you will expand your color skills and add design skills as well?  This class will be a four day class.  If you have any interest and would like me to put you on my list of first come, first serve, let me know HERE.

Back to the drawing board. Ta ta!


Stitched by ____________

This is what I did first thing this morning...  I love the look of these.  Jayne, it's on it's way to you!

This little 2" beauty is attached to the bottom of the canvas or the frame and gives you, the stitcher, the respect you deserve!!


It's Nina's birthday and here are some gifts for YOU!

Today, July 10th, is Nina's birthday and for the past four years she has been away.  Today she in in New Hampshire, composing music and hopefully having a grand time!

In honor of Nina's birthday I thought I should give you some gifts, (Nina already got hers).  So here you go, use the discount codes below, click HERE, unwrap and enjoy!!

15% discount on ALL thread bundles with the discount code: THREADORAMA
$10 off every order over $75 with discount code: 10FOR
$20 off every order over $150 with discount code: 20FOR.

It's a little lonely without Nina at home. We will see her at the end of the month when we travel up to New Hampshire to hear the pieces she and the other students composed and professional musicians play.  Quite exciting!  This is where she is: Walden

Here is little Nina, and look at what she's holding in her hand!  A Kanya cuff!


Happy 4th!! (read this, I've written it to you...)

Today is the beginning of the holiday weekend and I'm feeling accomplished!

  • I sent out almost all of your orders, (thank you so much for your support and excitement about my new website!)  
  • Then this morning I finally went for my annual physical!!  I hate going to see doctors which is why when I do without being prompted by being sick, I feel so good about myself!  
  • I've written two out of the 5 instruction guides that have been sitting to the left of my computer.  I know they are inanimate objects, but I swear they were sitting there with a frown, wagging their fingers at me.
  • My house is sparkling clean and I'm about to leave to see our grandkids and of course Shiri.    
Tomorrow is the 4th of July and on this day, every year, I remember what a wonderful country this is and how good it's been to me and my family.  I'm not big on flag waving and external showing of patriotism, but let me tell you, I am in love with this country in a way that only an immigrant can be. I see what you, those of you who have lived here all their lives, do not see as clearly.  This is a wonderful place with people who are so generous in spirit and in pocket.  In 1991 I came here and 5 years later I had this idea that I could design needlepoint. I ventured and was immediately embraced by so many of you, encouraged and led to believe that I had something to offer.  It continues, so many years later, and there is not a day that goes by that one of you does not tell me how much you appreciate what I bring to this needlepoint world of ours.  You can't imagine what that means to an artist/designer.  It's the ultimate.  I believe there are many places where generous people live, but I believe that this is a place where people are proud to be generous!
Thank you for all that you have given me over the years and thank you, the United States, this wondrous country that you are!

(... the 15% coupon code: Grandopening, ends on the 6th.  Take advantage of it!)

SUNFLOWER on of my first 10 designs, and a favorite


My new website - It's here!

A clear intelligent presentation of all my work is completed.  I am so thrilled with the results.
Lots of fun and beauty, take a stroll...

Put in your bookmarks: www.adornbyorna.com 

A gift from me for the opening:  15% off all items, (one exclusion only, Color Inspiration Class).  Coupon expires in just a few days, so take a quick trip to see it all!

Coupon code: Grandopening

(... and please let me know what you think!!)


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