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Gift giving at it's best!

I came home from a wonderful trip to the Jupiter Lighthouse ANG chapter in Florida.  Such a great group of stitchers!  I was pampered and treated to the best in hospitality and made some great friends! As the class began, there were a few announcements and then we each got a gift bag from the wonderful President of the chapter, the ever gracious, ever sweet, excellent stitcher and my new friend, Mary Busler.  Now this was no regular gift bag!  Mary made the various charms, made the pure wax shell, collected the wonderful Delica beads and crystals as well as a big selection of threads from her local favorite shops, and hand packed each item with pretty ribbons and little bags. AMAZING!

Thank you, Mary, thank you Debbie D. and thank you to all the lovely stitchers in my class.  I had a blast!

I think I may be inspired to do a little gift giving myself...  stay tuned!



Leaving on a jet plane!

Off to teach at the Jupiter Lighthouse chapter of ANG tomorrow!  They chose "Reflections of Joy", a great learning design.  Lots of different Crescents, Jessicas and learning to manipulate lovely overdyes.  This chapter is celebrating a Silver Anniversary and in honor of this I designed a new colorway for them.  These are the colors, (lots of silver and lots of Florida colors):

In September I will be teaching another class of Reflection of Joy with a special colorway, in honor of the EGA Madison Chapter.  I'll share that one a little later...


Seriously? Is this for real?

Tolga Girgin, a calligrapher from Turkey, blows my mind!


Couldn't help myself...

Ruben, the cutest Ikea employee, (and my grandson), trying out the merchandise...


Creepy or Cool?

Mathew Cox has combined x-rays with embroidery, black and white with color,  
transparency with denseness.  


Needlepoint, the delicious art of filling in holes with thread.

We all like jewelry, even your keys and scissors do.  All new FOBs in the Etsy shop! HERE

and now you can add an important Needlepoint phrase to the FOBs!!  (use the pull down menu when shopping for FOBs on the Etsy shop... HERE AGAIN.


Say needlework with love and metal!!

I have been planning these babies for a long time. Metal stamped key/scissor fob jewelry with phrases that only the needle-addicts can relate to. These phrases will make you smile, laugh or say "awwww". The fobs are made with the same upscale materials as all my other fobs; metal embellishments, lampwork beads, metal rivets, and the combinations are just beautiful!
A gift for yourself or a friend, you will not find anything like them!!

Just a few of our Fob Phrases:
Needlepoint, the delicious art of filling holes with threads.
Stitch your stress away.
Love is the thread that binds us.
I keep my end tables full of needlework so I don't have to dust them.


The wonders of thread.

Sarah K. Benning


Look at these cute plushy Key/Scissor Fobs!!

HELP!  I can't stop bringing you these new creations! ;)
First, the key ring is a wonderful flower shape, easy to work and handle.  And the felt balls, together with the rich metal embellishments, really striking.  The best part...  these are only $17 each.

You know where to find them... HERE!


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