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Color of the Week: Orange is the New Black

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As you already know, I love color.  Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing beautiful hues in nature and art.  I look to the outdoors for a lot of inspiration and I've noticed that orange is one of Mother Nature's favorite colors!  She throws it in whenever she can; just take a look at the next sunset, next fall when the leaves change, in deserts, and canyons.  Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, freedom, expression, and fascination.  I incorporate the vibrant color to several of my projects and it always brings me a sense of peace and happiness.  
"Grace" in these colors is awaiting...


Ultrasuede® is Ultra Cool

When you find something that works, you stick with it. Ultrasuede® is something that I love and that I can certainly attest to being one of the greatest fibers of today.

When something needs to be crafted for durability and softness, it's the first material I look for.  Having a fabric that is not only stain resistant but also comfortable - amazing! Could you imagine spilling red wine on your dress and not feeling like the world is coming to an end?  I love the freedom that you get with wearing this miracle fabric!

Another fantastic benefit of Ultrasuede® is the vegan-friendly aspect.  You get to wear all of the latest fashion trends without skipping a beat! Halston, Cynthia Rowley, and other high fashion designers have gotten rave reviews while using the material for outerwear in their collections. I've gotten creative and used Ultrasuede® in some of my tassel designs and love the movement and softness of it.
Click HERE for some of the tassel kits seen above!

I think everyone needs some Ultrasuede® in their life, don't you?

PS - back in 2008 TORAY, the company that manufacturers Ultrasuede®, asked me to contribute to their fashion catalog: how are designers using Ultrasuede®?  It was a great honor to be included among some prominent designers.  I contributed my choker, which is an intricate needlepoint piece embellished with beads, pearls and backed with none other than lovely Ultrasuede®. The second piece was what we called a "waistlet", i.e. a string of beads pearls and Ultrasuede®, and ending in tassels made of...  you guessed it, Ultrasuede®!!


Making your style stand out with handbag jewels!

These days it can be pretty tough to make your style standout in a crowd. Trends change rapidly and things are getting crazier by the second. Everyone wants to be unique, I get that, but the question is how to do that without jumping off the deep end and replacing every item in your closet. What can we do to make a statement without going too crazy? 

My answer is handbag jewelry! Accessorize your most important accessory!! It can be with fur, chains, feathers, dolls, no limits to what you can add.

Don’t just take my work for it, check out how Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and all of the top handbag designers are making elaborate fobs for your purse! I think that standing out doesn’t have to mean being obnoxious, it simply means being unique and staying true to yourself. You can express yourself in so many ways with these unique and fun dangles. Feeling ferocious? Try one with furry faces. Feeling girly? Try a floral inspired charm.

And, of course I wouldn’t leave you without my take on this really fun way to make a personal statement. Check out our one-of-a-kind handbag jewels. Charms and statement beads, (AKA “dangles”), hanging off dramatic chains and hardware that attach to your bag. Want to add some fierce and fabulosity to your work look? Add a charm with chains and you’ll be well on your way! It’s all about expressing your personal style in a way that is true to who you truly are.

Lampwork beads, sterling silver and silver filled charms and beads
combined with this beautiful black and grey faux fur ball.


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I've extended this sale for one more day, TODAY!!  All items on my Adorn ETSY shop are 25% off with any purchase of $20 or more.  This enables you to get all the digital instruction guides, all the bead combinations, and all the Ultrasuede for 25% off!!

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I'm not going to add another word, no time, click below and go, go, go!!



Discount time!

So...  let's have some fun!  Today and for a week all items on my ETSY shop are 25% off with any purchase of $20 or more.  This enables you to get all the digital instruction guides, and all the bead combinations, and all the Ultrasuede for 25% off!!

All you need is to use the code: 25NOW at checkout.

Here are some examples of what we have in the shop today....

Have a great weekend


Lots more Ultrasuede in the shop!

Combinations of 6 cuts of 4" x 4" of glamorous Ultrasuede in our ETSY shop!

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I'd like to introduce you to a brilliant new artist!


My 5 year old granddaughter is one of my great helpers!  She will drop anything for some art time, for a new craft, or just some drawing time on her own.  As you can imagine, we have much in common.  So a few weeks ago, while visiting with Nomi, her brother Ruben, and their parents, I had a big stash of threads with me to wind and prepare gift grab bags that I like to slip inside your order boxes.  I wind the threads and then put them together in color groups, whatever strikes my fancy. There was Nomi, and I thought: I'll have my helper work with me!  I explained the task and with much excitement she embarked on her journey.  I asked her to write down what each combination she pulled reminded her of, what it make her think of.  She loves sounding out words and I gave her little bits of paper to write the thoughts on.  Here are her combinations and thoughts:
I'm pretty sure you don't need me to read these to you, but just in case: AKA flowers

Beautiful, of course

Apples, (who needs that second "p" anyway??)

But the one I will share with you now is the one that blew my mind.  This is the one that made me realize that we have a brilliant artist on hand!!


and that, in a nutshell, is our Nomi. 


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