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Well, I'm off to Chicago...

I've been working on this trip for so long! Probably too long.  I'm super ready for the classes, and I feel good about that!  I know how much these Seminars cost, how much people save money and vacation days to be able to attend and I feel I have an obligation to give my students the best I can.  I have tons of goodies for my classes, tons!

Now for market night, (Expo night), here I believe I went overboard.  I asked you all what I should bring with, what you would like to see, and then I proceeded to add everything else!  Most of my thoughts during the prep time were: "Oh, why don't I just add a few of these?", "These have new colorways, people might enjoy seeing them!" "I get to show this new stuff in person, I need to take it with me!" and on and on.  I don't even know how I will be able to set all of this up myself.  If you are in Chicago and would like to help me out at Expo night, please let me know.

I'll try to write from there.  So see you all in a week, unless I see you in Chicago ;)


Bye bye Esther!


a little excitement around here!

Tassel-omania continues going strong!  I love your response to my pretty tassel kits, thank you!  The kits, including the new Planet Earth ribbons, have been rushing out of the studio almost as fast as I can put them together.  I wrote about them HERE and Tracy from Planet Earth wrote about them on her blog HERE.  I'll be bringing you some new kits right after I get home from Chicago, so stay tuned.

Here is a new photo of a few of the completed ones...

I'm always working on a project, or two or more.  I guess I need to have my wheels turning, a little stress and lots of brainstorming motion going on at all times.   The next big family event is Nina's Bat Mitzvah. We are doing a Willis-style Bat Mitzvah, i.e., no big party at a venue, no DJs or photo booths or paint your own t-shirt, (and I am absolutely not implying that there is anything wrong with doing it that way! It's a matter of style and budget).  Of course Nina will do her part at our synagogue and that evening we will have a lovely dinner at our home.  Oh, maybe 50 close friends and family. 
We will have Nina's saxophone teacher and a drummer and piano player come to play jazz and there will be one more talented musician in the ensemble... Nina!  She will be jamming with them as we eat a scrumptious meal.  After that, maybe a little karaoke?  Shiri and Nina love to sing together and as corny as it sounds, some Broadway tunes could be fun for all.  Plans are still being formed, I'll keep you posted.

Off to shower and get the day going.  Talk soon!


and for my next trick...!

These lovelies are getting packed to go to Chicago.  They are new gem combinations.  They are, obviously, color-coordinated, mono-chromatic, to show how colors in different elements are alike yet different.  The contents are some of the best available; Miyuki beads, fresh-water pearls or glass pearls, semi-precious stones, Czech crystals. 

For me there has to be an entire picture.   There have to be fibers which can be enhanced by beautiful canvas colors, which can be embellished with sumptuous gems, which can be explained in thoughtfully written instructions, which can be detailed in colorful diagrams and charts, which must be, just must be, packaged as if you just bought yourself an amazing gift.  (Now, how's that for a sentence???)

These lovelies retail at $5 each.  I won't be posting them on Etsy until after Chicago, but if your eyes spy something you must have, send me a note and we can make it happen before they cross state lines.


ps - these make me very happy!


Tassel - omania! a condition involving love of ribbons and tassels.

I've told you about the new Planet Earth Silk Ribbons, right?  Well, I love tassels and it seemed to me that my love for tassels and for Planets Earth's Silk Ribbon could merge in a beautiful way.  

Let me present... "On the Fringe", an easy method to make elegant tassels.


These tassels can be used at the ends of lariat necklaces, or at the edge of a beautiful piece of needlepoint, or just decorating a lovely jug, (as shown above).  I have some hanging from my studio cupboard knobs.   Since I can't keep things to myself, I've put together a little something for you.  Silk ribbon, Ultrasuede, beautiful jewelry findings, a silk cord and coordinating beads.  

The instructions come with step by step illustrations.  All you need is an iron and scissors.

Check them out in our Etsy Shop!


Introduction to a new silk ribbon and new thread packs!

I'm thrilled to announce that I am now carrying the new line of Silk Ribbons from Planet Earth!  They are a glorious new addition to my lovely stash of threads!  The color process of these ribbons is hand painted edges making the ribbons so unique in the graduating colors of the ribbons themselves.

Of course I need to get you to try the whole Planet Earth artillery!  And along with that, why not add some hand picked beads, glass pearls, and crystals all in the same color world as the threads.

I am very busy packing for Chicago, but I want to share these with you and will be offering them at a great introductory price of $48 for the entire package.  I have listed 3 colorways on my Etsy shop, more are coming as I choose and match the various elements.

Tell me what you think of them!!


Embellish-ology - the science of making beauty more beautiful.

One of my favorite parts of designing and stitching a needlepoint cuff comes at the very end.  After it's stitched and constructed comes the last part, the embellishing.  I have a large, (well, very large) stash of beads, pearls, gems, and I study them carefully to determine what would be an  excellent last touch for my cuff.  It's a delicate balance, it should be rich, bring another layer of beauty, but not over do it!  It should be a promotional tool, one that promotes the cuff to it's full potential.

I've put together a lovely 3 page instruction manual on different ways to embellish a cuff.  Along with the instructions, each package gets a compilation of seven different elements that can be used to embellish.  The package has enough to embellish 2-3 cuffs, the combinations are many.  I've listed them on our Etsy shop, ($19).  Take a look --

Copper Cuties
Golden Golds
Teal Terrific
Purple Pretties

Silver Stunners

Here are a few sample close ups of embellished cuffs --

Pay a visit to the Etsy Shop, you will get a great injection of color! 



An expensive lesson learned.

I've always known that you learn lessons no matter how old you are.  Yesterday I learned one.  Do NOT leave your bag under your seat at a movie theater. Do NOT.  Reid and I spontaneously decided to go see a movie, (A Most Wanted Man, in case you were wondering),   Those are the things we can do these days,  with Nina being away, just get up and go.  The movie ended, we walked to the car and my bag felt light.  I opened it and sure enough, no wallet.  Dash back to the movie theater, all the while thinking that I've become so careless, why can't I keep things together?  I ran into the theater, up to our row and sure enough, on the floor under my seat, I found my wallet.  Whew!  It took me a few seconds to open it, and that's when I saw that all the money I had in my wallet was gone.  Over $200.  The theater manager told us we were not the first to have this happen to and the police officers who came in explained that it is a very frequent occurrence. We all realized that I was lucky to have my id and my credit cards still in the wallet.

Moral of the story, lessons can be learned at any age and keep your bag on your lap!  In the scheme of things this movie was expensive, but the lesson wasn't really.  And here, I'm passing it on to you for free!  That's what friends are for!

Coming attractions...  coming to a theater near you soon!


At long last, an introduction and a WINNER!

I have been working with Orna for almost a year now, and I have not yet introduced myself. Here I go... Hi! My name is Rae! Some of you may know me through emails, Etsy, or explanations sent with packages. I spend much of my time attempting to make the kits that we send out look as beautiful as possible and organizing/reorganizing the studio so it can be used to its full potential. I have also started the Instagram @adornbyorna, which is quite fun to do, although at times I forget to post (don't tell Orna). It has been wonderful learning from Orna for the past year. I have many new talents: 

 I can make tassels now!!!

It is wonderful to have a job where I can be surrounded by fantastic materials and someone who has the patience to teach me how to use them! I have always embroidered on my own, but now I have a whole new love for needlework with the knowledge I have gained from working with Orna. 

These are a few things I made before working with Orna: 

I don't have any recent new work to show yet. 

It is nice to meet you all! I am sure that I will have some sort of correspondence with many of you in the future! YAY!

First of all thank you for giving us great tips on what to bring to Merchandise Night and what you like to see when you go shopping at needlepoint seminars.  It's been a great help!!

AND!!!!  Congratulations to our winner of a fabulous thread pack....   Velia Antila.  This is the awesome thread and bead gift going out to you, Velia!


New Class - Cyberworkshop

Registration for my ANG Cyberworkshop has begun.  

Check it out HERE

I want to aggressively do some self promoting, well, not self, rather Grecian Glory promoting.  This is a great cuff and a wonderful class.  Not only because of the aesthetic of the piece but also because of the unique learning opportunities the cuff affords.  What do I mean?

  • AMAZING threads!  AMAZING array!  The cuff uses only silks and one wool but they are in different weights, they are used in different ways, and they are combined creatively.  Learning how this is done goes with you at the end of the class, it doesn't only stay on the cuff.
  • The design is stitched on the diagonal, it's a different angle with very interesting results.
  • You will get very detailed, step by step on how to finish a cuff without having to send it out to the finisher.  It's very doable, really!  Again, this goes with you, it doesn't just stay on the cuff.
  • You will learn how to embellish using fine jewels, pearls, beads to make your piece of jewelry rich.
  • The colors...  ahhh, the colors you will combine.  (Three colorway options, all stunning, if I may say so myself). 
  • You can use the design for more than just a cuff, it can be multiplied into a belt, a curtain tie back, a shoulder bag strap.  Again, it goes with you beyond the cuff.
  • You will  learn how to adjust stitching to different wrist sizes.  Goes with you beyond the cuff...

The threads are all Gloriana silks and one Lorikeet wool.  Have you stitched with them before?  It's the "soaking in a glorious bath with a glass of champagne" of needlepoint fibers.  

So, go on over there and check it out.  Hope to see you in class!!


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