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Discount time!

So...  let's have some fun!  Today and for a week all items on my ETSY shop are 25% off with any purchase of $20 or more.  This enables you to get all the digital instruction guides, and all the bead combinations, and all the Ultrasuede for 25% off!!

All you need is to use the code: 25NOW at checkout.

Here are some examples of what we have in the shop today....

Have a great weekend


Lots more Ultrasuede in the shop!

Combinations of 6 cuts of 4" x 4" of glamorous Ultrasuede in our ETSY shop!

Click to see more HERE!!


I'd like to introduce you to a brilliant new artist!


My 5 year old granddaughter is one of my great helpers!  She will drop anything for some art time, for a new craft, or just some drawing time on her own.  As you can imagine, we have much in common.  So a few weeks ago, while visiting with Nomi, her brother Ruben, and their parents, I had a big stash of threads with me to wind and prepare gift grab bags that I like to slip inside your order boxes.  I wind the threads and then put them together in color groups, whatever strikes my fancy. There was Nomi, and I thought: I'll have my helper work with me!  I explained the task and with much excitement she embarked on her journey.  I asked her to write down what each combination she pulled reminded her of, what it make her think of.  She loves sounding out words and I gave her little bits of paper to write the thoughts on.  Here are her combinations and thoughts:
I'm pretty sure you don't need me to read these to you, but just in case: AKA flowers

Beautiful, of course

Apples, (who needs that second "p" anyway??)

But the one I will share with you now is the one that blew my mind.  This is the one that made me realize that we have a brilliant artist on hand!!


and that, in a nutshell, is our Nomi. 


BEADS for the New Year!

A collection of the best and most thoughtfully matched variety of beads on the market today. Four vials filled with an assortment of beads, color coordinated, the best in Japanese and Czech beads. The vials include transparent and opaque beads; large seed beads and Magatamas, each set of four vials, a different combination.
4 wide mouth vials (1 dram capacity) packaged together beautifully and tied with a cute bow.

$10 for a set of 4 vials at our ETSY shop.


These are too yummy!

I've always been a huge fan of a good pair of embroidery scissors.  Since they are usually petite there is something inherently sweet about them.  But when I came across these babies, I melted!

TA DA!  Brand new in my shop...  the cutest sweetest, and yet sharpest embroidery scissors!

These babies are super affordable, only $11.  And they always look their best with one of our beautiful scissor FOBs.  Check out that collection HERE!

dangles by Orna

dangles by Orna


Needlepoint sculptures? Yes

The work of Swedish designer Ulla Stina Wikander. Wild, isn't it?


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