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A New Year gift - A Sweet Pea design!!

I missed wishing my friends who celebrated Christmas warm wishes for a very merry holiday! I have come across quite a few Facebook friends who write about their difficulty with the holidays, perhaps not being a part of a large family or living
far from friends. These times can be difficult and to those who spent the day on their own, I hope you had a peaceful, gratifying day!

As 2019 comes around I wish all of you wonderful followers, stitchers, readers, and friends a new year filled with peace, contentment, creativity, and health.

A gift for the new year from me to you!

Unknown  – (February 26, 2020 at 1:53 AM)  

This is how my partner Wesley Virgin's biography begins with this SHOCKING and controversial VIDEO.

Wesley was in the army-and shortly after leaving-he found hidden, "SELF MIND CONTROL" secrets that the government and others used to get whatever they want.

THESE are the exact same secrets lots of famous people (especially those who "come out of nothing") and elite business people used to become wealthy and successful.

You probably know that you only use 10% of your brain.

Really, that's because the majority of your BRAINPOWER is UNTAPPED.

Perhaps that expression has even taken place IN YOUR own head... as it did in my good friend Wesley Virgin's head 7 years back, while riding an unregistered, beat-up trash bucket of a car without a license and $3 in his pocket.

"I'm absolutely frustrated with living payroll to payroll! Why can't I become successful?"

You've taken part in those thoughts, ain't it so?

Your very own success story is waiting to start. Go and take a leap of faith in YOURSELF.


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