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Stitching for the young'uns

I've got four (4!!) new Thread Gatherings in the works, but there is one I'm particularly excited about. BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS.  This one is geared to youngsters, introducing them to the beauty of needlework. 

The Accordion Book
Samples will attach to card stock acid free paper

This Gathering includes six stitch lessons.  A Sampler of sorts.  The stitch lessons will be put into a DIY accordion book which will display the stitch samples along with the charts that teach the particular stitches.  Participating kids will thus make their own beautiful stitch glossary, their personal reference book. 

There will be more books to come, more stitches to learn and eventually a library of reference volumes that each child can be very proud of!

Just think of a birthday party activity, an after school program, a neighborhood get together for the kids. 

If you'd like more information about this particular Thread Gathering, just drop us a note, (orna@ornadesign.com) and we will send you a detailed  information packet. 

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