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Welcome Nomi To the Great Big World....

This is Genevieve--

As frequent readers may know--Orna's Daughter Shiri was expecting last week, and, well,  you know how these things go--

Welcome a Healthy, Beautiful  Nomi Wolf to the World!!!

Orna is up north with the new little family, and has let me know that Nomi is the prettiest, smartest, most talented three---er---four day old that she has ever met! Now does that sound like a Grandmother or what!!???!!
Nina is taking on her role as Auntie beautifully, she is very attuned to every squeak and squeal Nomi makes! And Reid is beside himself as only Reid can be. Mother and father are apparently getting the hang of the schedule, and Nomi, as a baby will do, is setting the pace for feedings and snoozing and snuggles!

Congrats to everyone!! I expect new photos soon, and will certainly post the cute ones!

Suztats  – (April 19, 2011 at 6:28 PM)  

How wonderful! Many blessings to you all on the birth of a new happy, healthy baby!

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