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Embellish-ology - the science of making beauty more beautiful.

One of my favorite parts of designing and stitching a needlepoint cuff comes at the very end.  After it's stitched and constructed comes the last part, the embellishing.  I have a large, (well, very large) stash of beads, pearls, gems, and I study them carefully to determine what would be an  excellent last touch for my cuff.  It's a delicate balance, it should be rich, bring another layer of beauty, but not over do it!  It should be a promotional tool, one that promotes the cuff to it's full potential.

I've put together a lovely 3 page instruction manual on different ways to embellish a cuff.  Along with the instructions, each package gets a compilation of seven different elements that can be used to embellish.  The package has enough to embellish 2-3 cuffs, the combinations are many.  I've listed them on our Etsy shop, ($19).  Take a look --

Copper Cuties
Golden Golds
Teal Terrific
Purple Pretties

Silver Stunners

Here are a few sample close ups of embellished cuffs --

Pay a visit to the Etsy Shop, you will get a great injection of color! 


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