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My life in extremes - OMG!!!! I just read this post and realized you might get the wrong impression!!!

I don't want to sound dramatic.  As things go, we are fine.  However, it hit me this morning how strange my life is right now.  

Nina is in Israel, and has had some "maturing" moments with which she has coped beautifully.  She is well taken care of and is having an amazing time.  Still, I know where she was at 3 am this morning, and that's one extreme.  

What I meant is that Nina is in Israel and has had to run to shelters twice when the rockets landed in the vicinity of her camp.  One of the times was two nights ago at 3 am.  OMG, the way I worded that last paragraph could have lead you all down the wrong path...  I can't believe how dumb I can be!!

On the other side of my life I am preparing letters and material to send out to my students for my Color Inspirations class in Chicago next month.  I couldn't help myself,  I needed to send the letters out in colorful envelopes!

It makes me dizzy at moments, these extremes.  But we are all fine, we are all good.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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