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Here comes another FREE design!

Triangular Tricks Two is here!  
It's a delightful piece that can be stitched as one triangle or put together in a foursome...

or how about 8 of these babies put together? Endless possibilities...

A PDF of this design can be yours with any purchase 
of $50 or more of our Thread Assortments. 

Take a look at the fabulous threads we have available HERE.


Thoughts on design - an insight.

Geometric canvas designs are magical. They begin like a doodle game. I remember the days when there were only landline phones and you had to sit right by the phone because it would only move so far from the wall outlet.  There you sat listening to the person on the other end and your hands wanted to do something. I think that's when doodling was invented!
A large area, just a simple shape, began splitting into smaller areas that resembled a jigsaw puzzle. Any two smaller shapes formed a negative space and in turn that area would be a playground for some more doodling.
I use the practices I developed during the long phone sit ins when I go about designing a geometric.

Let's look at one of the more important parts of my Dare Design workshop, the watercolor part. You are given 25 pieces of fine quality watercolor paper for experimentation. Your large outer space will be a triangle.

I will begin with some dividing lines and I will split up the triangle to smaller parts.

I drew a line across the top of the triangle, about 1/2 way down and then drew some dividing shapes within the top triangular shape. And I kept dividing these areas up and filling the negative spaces.

I continue working on the areas I've determined, now with color.  Each section is given a color, some are repeated in a symmetrical fashion and I build up the top triangular area until it seems right. 

Of course there is much more I can do with the sections I have formed. But that will come later, on the canvas. For now I have drawn and painted a beautiful map which will be a guide when my needle hits the canvas.

Why don't you join in on this exercise? Look at the shapes I have painted and make some suggestions as to which stitches you would use to translate the shapes onto canvas.  I have numbered a few of the areas below. Reference the numbers and make your suggestions in the comments here on the blog.

This is a small sampling of what we will be doing in my Dare Design workshop.  Our journey will lead you to acquiring the tools to design your own geometrics. 
Can't wait to hear from you!! 


$50 Thread Assortment purchase = FREE New Design Instruction Guide

Run on over to our Thread Assortment page and drink up the wonderful color explosion!

With every $50 Thread Assortment purchase you will receive a free PDF instruction guide for our new design "Triangular Trick"!

AND...  when you sign up for our new Dare Design workshop you will receive a 20% discount coupon for any of the items in our Thread Assortment page.  Upon completing this extraordinary design workshop you will need plenty of fabulous fibers for your own designs!

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Seriously, how can one resist? More options for Workshop!!

Here are the colorways for Dare Design, our 6 month workshop, which will take your creativity off the charts!

Kits include 40 fibers PLUS an additional 5 free Neon Rays as my gift to each student! You have an abundance of silks as well as metallics and some overdye cotton.

I am also introducing a new class option!! You may choose class participation and threads/beads only, without the various art supplies, reference book etc. which will run $460  (instead of $550).


Nina's piece played on the stage of GAMP!

Last night Nina's piece "Lucas' Theme" debuted on the GAMP stage.  So very proud.


Colossal Murals

Philadelphia is considered a destination for some fantastic mural art. It's out in the open, it's in little hidden spots, it makes a statement or just gives the side of a building a bit of beauty.  If you ever come to Philly make sure to take a tour of our mural art.
There are other cities around the world with some amazing mural statements. Here are a few:

Artist: https://www.instagram.com/mantrarea/

Artist: http://byhula.com/

Artist: https://monacaron.com/

Artist: https://www.facebook.com/pg/FalkoOneGraffiti/photos/

Artist: https://www.instagram.com/1010zzz/?hl=en

Artist: https://belin.es/

Artist: http://www.eron.it/HOME.html

Artist: https://www.facebook.com/ROAStreetArt

Artist: http://okudart.es/showcase/

Artist: Julien Malland

Artist: https://www.art-of-jaune.com/
(miniature Murals)

STOP ME!!  I could go on and on...


So sorry!! I hope you can see it now!!! Video: Dare Design



The evolution of design - Online Workshop

There are many ways to teach design. This one is unique.

In this 6 month workshop I will guide you through the evolution of YOUR design. 

1. The workshop will begin with a unique way of planting ideas for a design. Watercolors. User friendly watercolor brush pens will be perfect for coming up with an assortment of beautiful paintings which can potentially become your needlepoint design.

2. Next we will reign in the watercolors and translate them into shapes on graph paper. No worries, I will guide and explain.

3. From there we will look for stitches to fill in the shapes we've established. We will use reference books, and compile a bank of stitches.

4. On your doodle canvas you will experiment with these stitches and come up with the ones you want to use in your design.

5. Mark your graph paper with the stitches you have chosen putting them together in the triangular shape.

6. This is when I come in! With your graph paper in hand I will chart your design on my computer and will then tessellate your design to form a square or diamond comprised of 4 of your triangles. You will receive a file with your design, the name you give it and most importantly your name, the designer!

7. With a box of beautiful beautiful fibers, (you will be offered 4 possible color combinations), you will stitch your design. Here we will all work together to choose the best threads for the various sections of your design.

8. If you choose you may ask for a critique at the end of the workshop.

The workshop kit includes:

3 pieces of canvas (2 for doodle and one for design)
Notebook (it's imperative to keep notes as you make your way through the design process)
A set of 24 watercolor markers and a watercolor pen
25 sheets of cold press watercolor paper (5" x 7")
Graph paper pad
Needlepoint reference book
Box of 40 different fibers (you will choose one of 4 colorways offered)
PLUS a gift of 5 Neon Rays cards.
An assortment of beads

The workshop also includes a file with your charted design, (PDF), and a designated classroom page where we will all meet and exchange ideas and thoughts.
There will be 12 designated days for presenting your completed phase. These will happen approximately once every two weeks.  It is important to work within the timeframe. Each step is a gateway to the next step.

Workshop and kit: $550
Critique at end of class: $75

Registration ends December 7th, 2017
Class begins February 1st, 2018
Sign up by November 1st and receive $35 off
(use code NOVCARE at checkout)



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