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On Friday we went to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I keep forgetting how lucky I am to have that amazing building, with all it has to offer, right at my doorstep. Frida would have been 100 this year, had she lived. There is something about dying young, (excuse the morbidity), that keeps you young. The first part of the exhibit was a collection of photographs which were memorizing. They gave a glimpse into her life and at the same time were beautiful in themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit.

One observation that I found fascinating (we walked around with the audio commentary), was the difference in how Chicana women perceive Frida and how Caucasian women perceive her. While Caucasian woman think of her as a tragic figure, a victim, Chicana see her as a brave heroic woman who fought against her fate, a symbol of passion and perseverance.

Ananya  – (April 6, 2008 at 6:51 AM)  

You r such a colorful person! I've never seen such eye catching use of colors on simple ways! the photographs are really cool!I loved all of them!

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