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Cards and Kids.

At Nina's school we are working on a fund raiser/creative outlet for the kids.
udents from 6th-8th grade are getting together with volunteer parents and we are making greeting cards that we will be selling to raise money for ... so many things. Nina goes to a inner city public school and funds are an issue. So how about mixing fund raising with creativity? Perfect!
Here are some examples of cards we've been making.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nina's Cleopatra costume will be ready for reveal very soon. She is a great help, drawing the decorations for the neck piece and trying the dress on again and again so her mommy (who is NO seamstress) can see what's going on.

n the meantime Nina has fallen in love with wearing wigs. She asked me why Cleopatra had black hair. Um, I don't know. Any guesses?

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