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philosophical reasoning.

My philosophy has always been ... what if on Christmas day you should decide you desperately need a mauve pearl . . .

or you feel you may burst without a gold-filled roundel . . .

or, my goodness, you can't live another minute without a teal colored Delica bead?

My point being that you must be ready for any artistic craving at all times!

You have peeked at my "what-if-in-the-middle-of-the-night-I-want" fiber stash,

and now I'm giving you just a tiny peek into my "I-must-be-prepared" jewelry making cache.

That's my philosophy and I'm sticking to it!

Dave Robertson  – (February 4, 2009 at 9:42 AM)  

Hi Orna, I know I'm a bit late for Christmas but I just found this post on your blog. You're organized! (And you just missed the "my crafting space" contest on our blog :( ...)

Let me compliment you on a really attractive blog. It's a real pleasure to spend time here, with the spiffy yarn masthead (title box) and the great photos you've posted. Great work!

at Rings & Things

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