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Experiments with Color

My question for our first Giveaway was: what would you most like to see in our How To section.
There was an overwhelming response in favor of COLOR. I thought long and hard about how I could present this to you and it was clear to me that words would not do it. Let's say I wrote about the color combination of BLUE and YELLOW. What do you see in your mind's eye?

Obviously, words do not capture color.

I think the color wheel is overused, and besides, you could check out a book on color theory from your local library.

So instead I've decided to do weekly experiments and present the results to you. I will be choosing a different overdye fiber each week. I will then extract the colors from the fiber, combine them, pull them apart, place them in different color environments, in short play, play, play. I will also put the colors in a small mosaic to see what happens. Collect all the experiment results and you will have a wonderful resource for when YOU decide to experiment. I'm excited! You can find a preview of the first experiment below and find the full size one on our website

So, don't forget to tune in weekly for a new color experiment and keep your comments coming! Have a great weekend!

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