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Flying Horses

Saturday morning and I'm home alone. I spent the past two hours working on this color interpretation. Can't make it happen. The horse was a gift from Shiri and Orin brought back from a trip to Mexico.

While I do think I'm pretty close in "real life", the colors in the photo aren't right. One of the hardest colors to find was the blue in the mane. I don't have a single fiber in that exact color. The color made me think of a chalk blue. I found the pastel crayon and the colored pencil, but still not right.



So, two hours later I decided to present you with one I couldn't do. Anyone want to give it a try?


That's better, just needed to take the photo together, flying horse with fiber.


Paintings of Horses  – (October 20, 2011 at 9:19 PM)  

You've got a talent, huh!. Very artistic.

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