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This is why...

Tomorrow we will be moving into a one bedroom apartment, for three months, (famous last words?), so that the contractor can lead his people in the creation of a new studio, a new music room, a separate family area and a new kitchen. The photos you see here were taken a week ago.  Today I can't even find the camera to take a photo. 
I have tried to think of everything I may need for the next 90 days, packed those separately  and labeled them as best I can. Seasons will change meaning more clothing, books and toys for Nina, food and toys for Lola, pots and pans and food and coffee maker and toaster, it goes on and on. 

And my studio! How do I begin to prepare for three months away? The hundreds and hundreds of threads, beads, frames, instruction books. It's a nightmare! One day I decide that I can't possibly offer my designs for sale during these months, I can't possibly move all the inventory I need to a one bedroom apartment, but the next day my heart breaks thinking I want to stay in touch with you all, I want to continue supplying you with all the new designs I'm working on, I don't want to turn anyone away. So I've been agonizing over this, tomorrow morning we move, and I still don't know what to do!

Anyway, that's why I've been away, and it may take a few more days to resume a normal pattern of life. I do look forward to having much more time to stitch. There should be much less to do in a small space, therefore much more stitching. Less cleaning, therefore much more blogging, less entertaining, therefore much more designing. That's the positive side of this situation, and I will continue to remind myself of this. Also of the new studio I will move into when all this is over.
The weather is finally gorgeous and I'm trying to work hard at staying upbeat. I think it will be OK. I think.


SO enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back when I plug my dear Mac back in.

All my best for now,

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure  – (March 7, 2010 at 6:46 AM)  

Here's wishing you a happy move and a lovely new space in only a few months.

NCPat  – (March 7, 2010 at 2:01 PM)  

Good luck and we will all think quick construction and other happy thoughts!

Orna Willis  – (March 8, 2010 at 5:18 AM)  

Thank you! It's about an hour before they all descend on the place. I'm nervous and excited all at once.

SilkLover  – (March 8, 2010 at 7:15 AM)  

Of course, you don't know what to take, how to fill orders, etc. You haven't been through this before:)
You may as well enjoy the ride! It will all work out. And in a few months you will have a terrific studio, music room, etc. and be thrilled you remodeled! Hope it all goes smoothly for you and your family.

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