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The best Squaredancer around!

Yesterday I opened a package from Kathy. Inside was a piece she had proof-stitched for me, SQUARE DANCE.  This is the second colorway of the design I will be teaching for an ANG  Cyberworkshop in January. 

Kathy told me a beautiful story about her grandparents and their love of square dancing. Memories from her childhood came up as she stitched this piece for me. What a gift it is for a designer, knowing your work brought back warm memories of family and childhood. 
I know I designed the piece, I know I chose the colors and fibers, however the meticulous work of a attentive and talented stitcher can take ones design soaring to places you never imagined. In this piece I wanted to achieve a flow, I wanted the sections of the design to weave in and out, to move to the music, to dance. That's what Kathy did for SQUARE DANCE. 

Registration will begin in September. Check out the class!


My first article on color has come out in the latest Needlepoint Now magazine. It has a little experimental design for you to try out.

Next week there will be new photos of our place. We have unpacked and organized 90% of the boxes and stuff we have. The last 10%, I feel, will never find a place. Those are the items that really should not be sent off to "stuff heaven", but also don't seem to have a place in your life. URGH!!!  Still, I will skillfully hide the last 10% and show you our place as of now.

We are off to NY for the weekend. In addition to the 4th, we have a few b-days to celebrate as well.  
Best wishes to all for a wonderful weekend!


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