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New Designs at Ornaments!

Tiny Trinkets: Rectangle
Hi everyone--it's Genevieve again. Orna is off with her family taking a much deserved vacation amongst the Glorious Fall Colors!! Hopefully she will come back inspired and well rested! In the meantime, I just finished putting up two more new designs! 

At the top, is Tiny Trinkets: Rectangle-- available in three different Color Families. For each Color Family, you will receive three different colorways in each kit. Included are 9 different skeins, 3 metal finishing frames, canvas, and all the rest of the materials you need to create all three of the colorways in your kit! It's a great little holiday stocking stuffer, or perfect to make holiday ornaments that are unique and extraordinary!

Also just posted is Tiny Treasures: Square. This is similar to the Rectangle Kit, however 13 skeins are included in two Color Families. Along with the canvas, 3 frames and finishing materials these designs are perfect little holiday projects. 

Both of these are fantastic projects to make in a day or two, and the best part is the finishing is a snap with all the supplies that are included. Both kits come packaged in beautiful little aluminum boxes to keep all the supplies together.

So that's all for today---we are now in the midst of getting ready for the Squaredance class--the response was fantastic!! We will be making kits for days!

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