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It's my baby's birthday today!

Today is Shiri's birthday. She was born 31 years ago today.  She was also born 10 days before my birthday, (on April 4th).  Yesterday Shiri and I were talking and she said that she is hardly thinking about her birthday, she is too busy thinking about the baby due on April 9th.  We both thought that it was totally uncanny, how history is repeating itself, almost to the day.  I couldn't be bothered with my birthday back in 1980.  All I could think about was becoming a mother. 

Happy birthday my beautiful daughter.  If history does repeat itself, you too will be a very lucky mommy.  To have a child like you makes me one of the luckiest mommies ever!

Today I came back from a delightful workshop with the Shenandoah Valley ANG Chapter.  I was spoiled by a group of fantastic stitchers, pampered with a lovely hotel, wonderful food and great company! We worked on Tessellations Again .  We spent half of day one talking about the magic of Tessellations.  Then we began stitching.  It was a very productive workshop and if I'm any indication, it was truly fun!  Thank you Shenandoah Valley!

We are now offering two new options for Tessellations Again, which will allow for different budgets.  You can get the complete kit in silks as before, or just a quadrant of the design, in silks or in cottons and rayons.  The instruction book for this design first introduces the main concepts of tessellations with diagrams and illustrations.  Next it details the design along with five wonderful laminated charts.

We will talk again soon.

Sara Leigh  – (March 26, 2011 at 4:43 AM)  

I was there, and it was a wonderful class. I thoroughly enjoyed learning first about the concept, tesselations, and then working the stitches and understanding the concept. I had fun and met some delightful fellow stitchers, all of whom seemed much more accomplished than me. Thanks, Orna, for a great two days! And a dessert buddy.

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