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Even Designs need a little lovin.....

Do you recall, old friends, the Carolina Cuff? This one was designed back in 2003, and recently, I saw a faded, unfocused photo of this beautiful cuff, and knew it was time!   The instructions have been overhauled, and the thread lists have changed to compensate for discontinued or otherwise unavailable threads. A special thanks to Gayle Roelofs for stitching the lovely new models -- her impeccable technique made it easy to show off the design!

I've mentioned Gayle before, we go way, way back.  We used to talk about our pre-adolecsents, now we talk about our grandchildren.

You've seen a preview of the kits for Dolci being compiled.  Over 300 little bottles!  We've had many requests, after the deadline, asking to sign up for class. Well, we were thinking that while we can't accept any more registrations for the class plus kits, we will continue to accept sign ups for class participation only.  The "Class Participation" option for the Dolci class is being extended to anyone who wishes to take advantage of this wonderful class! With this option you get to learn the special techniques that go into Dolci beadmaking, as well as hang out with other fabulous stitchers on the beautiful Dolci forum. What better way to spend all that extra post-holiday time?

Now could I possibly finish without giving you yet another look at Nomi?

Marijke van Ooijen  – (December 4, 2011 at 11:09 AM)  

What a lovely blog.
I will follow your blog.


Orna Willis  – (December 12, 2011 at 4:16 AM)  

Thank you! I popped over to your site, such creativity!

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