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and the winner is....

Debbie, you have won a copy of My Point Exactly!! You wrote: I've been following for a long time and just subscribed by email. Love your designs. Wonderful color! 

Packing the book to start it's journey to you...

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Silky Safari

Mark you calendars and if you are in the area on April 27-28th, maybe you'd like to take the class with me and the Center Jersey ANG Guild.  If so, quickly contact me and I'll send you the information!

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Another update...  a vast majority of you suggested I keep the rug I bought for my living room, and I want you to know that I did not "diss" your opinion, however I kept walking by the room and thinking I wasn't sure I was loving it.  I want it to stay with us for the next 15-20 years, so don't I need to be ecstatic about it?  I decided the right thing to do was to wait until I found a rug I was absolutely sure about, so until then, this one went back.  Thank you all for your input!

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