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I miss my needles!

It's been seven long weeks since I've had my needlepoint fix!  I'm still recuperating from the trip, (3 AM is the new 10 AM around here), I've unpacked everything as of this morning, but still have laundry, and then there are all the missed episodes of "The Killing" to watch.  Today Nina and I are traveling to see Nomi!  Now that overrides everything.  Then we have the very early Jewish holidays coming up next week, and we are going to the US Open on Tuesday. Whew. 

Still, I miss my needles.  I will be back to you, my delicate #24s,  very soon, I promise!

In the meantime, Nina took some wonderful Photoshop classes at summer camp in Israel and has done some amazing camera/photoshop work!  Here are some of her creations, (so proud!!).

Nina is making my work sing!!

a study in Israeli ants...

Nina's inspirational message

I love how she sees simple beautiful moments.

Dancers glowing in the dark

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