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a little excitement around here!

Tassel-omania continues going strong!  I love your response to my pretty tassel kits, thank you!  The kits, including the new Planet Earth ribbons, have been rushing out of the studio almost as fast as I can put them together.  I wrote about them HERE and Tracy from Planet Earth wrote about them on her blog HERE.  I'll be bringing you some new kits right after I get home from Chicago, so stay tuned.

Here is a new photo of a few of the completed ones...

I'm always working on a project, or two or more.  I guess I need to have my wheels turning, a little stress and lots of brainstorming motion going on at all times.   The next big family event is Nina's Bat Mitzvah. We are doing a Willis-style Bat Mitzvah, i.e., no big party at a venue, no DJs or photo booths or paint your own t-shirt, (and I am absolutely not implying that there is anything wrong with doing it that way! It's a matter of style and budget).  Of course Nina will do her part at our synagogue and that evening we will have a lovely dinner at our home.  Oh, maybe 50 close friends and family. 
We will have Nina's saxophone teacher and a drummer and piano player come to play jazz and there will be one more talented musician in the ensemble... Nina!  She will be jamming with them as we eat a scrumptious meal.  After that, maybe a little karaoke?  Shiri and Nina love to sing together and as corny as it sounds, some Broadway tunes could be fun for all.  Plans are still being formed, I'll keep you posted.

Off to shower and get the day going.  Talk soon!

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