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Hurting a bit.

I've been busy with preparations for Nina's Bat Mitzvah as well as all the Jewish holidays happening this time of the year.  This partially explains why I've not been at my computer much lately.  I haven't been stitching at all, I mean AT ALL.  I can't find the energy and excitement. 

So what's happening?  I think it has to do with Seminar in Chicago.   Since this is a public forum, sort of, I won't go into detail.  I don't want to do any bashing or whining.  But I do want to share with you that I came home from Seminar hurt by things that happened there.  I must make it clear that my classes and students were phenomenal, they made it all worth while and gave me moments of great joy.  While some issues have since been resolved, I feel something along the lines of what a boxer must feel when he leaves the rink.  Everything is sore, hurting.  It's been almost two months, but it won't go away.  So what happens now?  First off, it's Nina's time and I will stay focused on all the exciting preparations.  After that I have made a few decisions.  I will take ownership of my time as a teacher and designer, and not put myself in the hands of organizations.  I want direct contact with my stitching friends, doing many more independent events, guild and shop teaching, open houses, stitch ins. I don't want any go between.  Just you and me.  You are what makes it all worth while, fulfilling, motivating.  I will spend the month of November putting together a schedule of events for 2015 and on.  

There, I feel a bit better already.

Another one of my brilliant students in my Color Inspiration class in Chicago sent me her completed piece.  Sara Leigh Merrey did a spectacular piece, her inspiration photo one of the more difficult photos in the class!  Take a look...


jhm  – (October 12, 2014 at 1:40 PM)  


a photo of my partial piece plus a link to your blog in on my blog.

Don'y worry - when I am done you will get a photo of the complete piece.


hbksloss  – (October 13, 2014 at 12:11 AM)  

Sorry your experience at the conference wasn't great. Glad to read you will have something wonderful to focus on: your daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Our kids' B'nai Mitzvahs were some of our family's most happy moments!

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