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Seriously, it's been that long?

Edges of Royal
I didn't realize it's been 10 days since I wrote last.  There was the sale, my oh my, you were busy there! and kept me busy! Thank you so much for validating my work with your purchases.  I appreciate it!  We worked really hard to get the orders out as soon as they came in, it was challenging! and fun!  Next, you remember my website saga, right? After looking around and contacting a few people, I began doing it on my own to see how I do.  I've been using one of the template sites for designing your own website.  I am surprised to see how well I'm doing!  It's tons of work, very tedious, but I think I'm kind of enjoying myself.  The one problem is that I'm not getting much else done when I'm at work.  I will continue working and see how things move along and whether I am going to complete it on my own or continue to look for someone good, reliable and affordable.

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