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New Cuffs - Watermelon and Avocado

With two new colorways, I am reintroducing one of my fav cuff, "Shimmering Jewels".  
The design isn't new, but it was out for only a short period of time.  

The reason this is one of my favorite cuff designs is because it is extremely portable, take with you, extremely doable, won't take you but a few sittings, and lastly, it is perfect for ANY stitching level.

These two colorways come with the beautiful teardrop glass beads on the edges of the cuffs, really adding a higher level of richness and extravagance!

I'm planning on utilizing these gals in my winter wardrobe!  My favorite wool coat works beautifully with the Avocado colorway and a crisp white blouse brings out the Watermelon colorway!

You can find the cuffs on our lovely Website, (at the bottom of the Needlepoint Jewelry page). They are priced very reasonably ($68), and include detailed instructions on stitching, constructing and beading. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

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