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Rebirth of a design... SHALOM (third colorway added!)

Over the period of our move, and reorganization of our temporary studio, I took time in the evenings to revisit one of my designs from 1999, SHALOM.  Between the turmoil of elections, chaos and terror, uncertainty, I felt it was a good time to bring this one back, improved, updated and oh so needed.  Shalom in Hebrew means PEACE.



The design uses a metallic thread in the background, which takes the design up a notch, to become an elegant display of hope.  The circle of swirls represents the circle of life, but here it is dancing, excited and hopeful.  The maze in the center of the design is balance, order, calm.  How much we need this as a base to our existence! 

We will have the kits for this design ready to ship in 10 days.  In the meantime, we are offering a preorder option, which gives you a 10% discount.  If you would like to place your order now and enjoy the discount,  send us an email to: CLICK HERE.   Please state what colorway you are interested in; Calm (Turquoise colorway), or Serene, (Pink colorway), or Tranquil, (Purple colorway).  We will then send you a Paypal invoice which will include the discount.  

The kit including instruction guide, (not canvas), is $105.

You will be ready to stitch your Peace, your Shalom, and as you do so, it will be as if you are praying for the best of times.

 Shalom to all -

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