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My summer collections, a huge pleasure!

When I want to get creative satisfaction, I often choose to go back to color.  This new thread collection has been extremely gratifying.  I decided to take simple bits of nature; an artichoke, a hen, a leaf, and dissect the colors.  Then take the colors and bring them back in texture and complexity, showing them in thread.

I have put together 12 colorways, each one comprised of 12 skeins of fiber; silk, cotton, overdye, stranded, everything is represented.  The combinations vary, but the quality is always there, only the best.  Along with the thread I am providing you with beads, mostly Miyuki, that can be used in a variety of ways but perhaps you will choose to use them in the free design you will receive along with the thread collection?  Summer 2016 gives you an opportunity to use different threads in different stitches, different colorways.
These are all present on ETSY, take a peek.  I only have a limited amount of each of the colorways, so if you are interested, grab on!
Here are some examples of the free design:

And here are the collections!!

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