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I'm pretty excited this morning.  I love to be discovered, to be recognized, but really don't we all? It's an honor when someone recommends your work, something you made with your mind, your creativity and your two hands. Even more so to be recognized on one of my favorite lifestyle Israeli websites, it's sort of closing a circle, but in a very good way, I'm kvelling!
(kvell k(ə)vel/verb feel happy and proud. "my mom was kvelling—bursting with pride")

Back in 1988 Michaela Bercu appeared on the cover of American "Vogue".  This Israeli beauty was chosen for Anna Wintour's first Vogue cover since she had taking over the magazine as editor.   Michaela was fresh, natural looking, and seemed so approachable.  It was also the first time a model wore jeans on the cover of Vogue.  I remember that cover very well!

Years later she started her lifestyle website and I am an avid follower.  For me it's nice to stay on top of what's happening on the Israeli front.  Today I am thrilled to have my work praised and displayed on the site.

Michaela ends the article by saying: " I must say... the beauty in Orna's work starts in the packaging." Now you know how proud that makes me feel!!
See those stars at the bottom left of the photo above with the circle around them?  How about popping over to the website and giving me a 5 star boost?  HERE you go!

Orna Willis  – (March 14, 2017 at 9:45 AM)  

Thank you, Jane. Great compliment coming from you!

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