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Poor Esther, it's not right!

Yesterday morning Reid took Esther to our local dog park. Truth be told, we are not big fans of the park because there is no separation between the big dogs and the little ones, but Esther mainly stays to herself and likes running around. Reid was throwing a stick for her to fetch. He threw the stick and she sprinted to get it. At the same time another dog came running from a different direction, pounced on Esther, pinned her down, grinding her face into the mulch, and went for her neck. Reid was quick to respond, grabbed the big dog (40 lbs to Esther's 14lbs), and pulled him off of Esther. He then picked her up and headed right out of the park and brought her home. By the time she got home she had blood all over her neck, bites and bruises all over her neck and she was obviously in shock. We got into the car and took her to the emergency vet.
She will be fine but needs round the clock care for the next few days.

The whole time I can hear Esther say: why? what did I do? I was just minding my own business? She has a look on her face that to me says: but I didn't do anything, why was I hurt?

This is the second time Esther has been attacked, out of the blue, by bigger dogs. I'm not happy right now! Everybody better lay off of our sweet Esther!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure  – (April 23, 2018 at 10:15 AM)  

Poor little thing! There are bullies all over in this world. My dogs are Akitas, a breed that often won't tolerate other dogs or strange people, so they never go to the dog park when other dogs are there. But dog aggression is sometimes hard for humans to spot. My best wishes for Esther and for you.

Suzi M.  – (April 23, 2018 at 10:39 AM)  

Oh no!! Your post brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet, sweet dog to go through such horror. So glad she will be ok physically.

Joanne  – (April 23, 2018 at 2:14 PM)  

Oh, Orna and your sweet little dog! I've got my fingers crossed that Esther is back to her old self very soon. A similar thing happen to Stefi the Cocker Spaniel and I last summer on a walk. I'd stopped to talk to a neighbor and Stefi was sitting waiting for us to stop nattering, and out of nowhere came this huge pitbull. He grabbed Stefi around her neck and shook her. She was crying, I was crying, and I was useless because I tripped over the other dog. The neighbor's son pulled off the pitbull and we were able to determine Stefi was okay. We went to the vet the next day and the pit bull's owner paid for the visit. Stefi put it behind her faster than I did because I felt so guilty for letting it happen. Of course I wasn't guilty of anything and Stefi got lots of hugs, kisses, and extra biscuits to aid in her recovery! I'm sending virtual hugs to your sweet girl and love to you!

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