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How my Students became Designers , AMAZING work!

Dare to Design, one of my most challenging and yet gratifying classes is in its final stages. 
I want to share some of the work of my very talented students. 

Patricia Karpenko has taken us on a wonderful journey. 
She began with the watercolor phase of the process and came up with this beautiful triangle, 
an initial cell of her tessellating design.
After working off of this painting for a bit, she woke up one morning with a variation that excited her, and she embarked on a slightly different direction.
After this initial drawing, she went to the canvas and interpreted the drawing in an exquisite way!
 The shapes and colors are magnificent.

Once she finalized the stitches, it was my turn to chart her design. 
Pat received this first laminated chart of her new design: Step Into My Garden.

I also sent her this chart of her triangle tessellated, coming together into a square. 

The ball is back in her court. Pat is working on her piece, stitching the complete design 
with any final changes or additions she may come up with.
I will share her completed design when she is done.

Congratulations Pat!!

jhm  – (June 29, 2018 at 10:40 AM)  

Well done.


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