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Sally Barton, the journey she took in my class Dare Design...

Sally tunes into my online class, Dare Design, all the way from New Zealand! Her journey has been really fun to watch. At first, it seemed that she was a bit intimidated, and perhaps not sure how brave she wanted to be with color, however looking at where she took her design, I see a daring designer in the making!

Here is one of her very first drawings. The goal was to look at triangles as a composition of shapes and colors. We played with possible tessellations of her shapes.

Above are her second set of drawings.

The triangles from above were tessellated and this is what Sally achieved:

Next Sally looked for the right stitches to convey the shapes she came up with.

 And after much work and trials, we charted her final triangles. She decided to work with two different triangles and bring them together in a complete design.

Her final master chart looked like this:

Here is her work in progress!!!!
It's quite brilliant!

Kindly remember!! 
We are all well aware of the importance of respecting the ownership of a designer's work. 
These designs belong solely to Sally Barton. 
Do NOT print or use these designs for any purpose without Sally's explicit permission!!!

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