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Too much fun to be healthy

I am addicted to blogs. I spend more hours than I care to divulge, going from one blog to the next. I love the interior design blogs, the fashion blogs, the craft blogs, the art blogs. I have all the signs of an addict; "just this one little blog, then I"ll get right back to the laundry", "I will only surf for 10 minutes", or the best one is... "it's part of my work as it boosts my creativity", (which I really believe to be true). It's just sooooo much fun, but when I walk away from the computer 3 hours later (and it's 2 am), looking like a zombie - Can't be healthy!

That aside, I came across a blog that I must share with you.

A young woman in New York (where else?), decided to spend a year, 365 days, wearing the same simple black dress except accessorizing it differently everyday, not repeating a "look". I'm assuming she washes the dress between wears so let's put that aside. The blog has daily photos of her outfits and let me tell you she is amazing! Whether you love fashion or really couldn't care less, it is fascinating to see what she comes up with.

Pay her a visit HERE.

So back to the laundry...

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