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Shots of green.

Some shots from our home.
I LOVE green, (which should be pretty obvious from my last post).

This photo is of a Papyrus plant. I keep thinking about how important this plant has been to civilization. In ancient Egypt it was first used for boats, mattresses, and most importantly PAPER! Today our use of paper for communication is limited. If it weren't for junk mail our mail boxes would be pretty empty, (even bills are electronic these days). How I long for a good lengthy letter on paper!

The good news, however, is that handmade paper, exquisite sheets of silk infused with flowers, seeds, bamboo, these are having a wonderful renaissance. At Shiri's wedding we set the tables with handmade paper. I hope to come up with an excellent way of reusing these fabulous sheets.

Thank you, sweet papyrus.

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