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She's there!

My delightful, wonderful, goofy daughter left on a big, big plane to Israel last night.  Our Nina will be there for 6 weeks, with the family and at camp.  She arrived safe and sound this morning, and of course, not until I heard her voice, was I able to breathe again. 

As Nina, Reid and I were sitting in the airport last night, I kept thinking about the time we sat at the airport with her on our way home from Cambodia.  She was 9 months old.  In 10 days she will be 13. It was very emotional for me, (deep inside of me, so she wouldn't notice), to send her off.  There she was, a young lady, sitting with us, chatting in Hebrew, getting ready for an adventure from which she will, no doubt, come home different, in a very good way.  

What joy this child brings us every single day!

Nina posing with a duck-face, clothes shopping with me the day before she left on her adventure.
You little goof ball, Nina Willis!

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