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Irene Urban sent me beautiful photos of her Yuval cuff.  The colors, the jewels, all her choices!!  She describes the colors as a bit Bollywood.  I love them!!  Thank you, Irene.  I admire your choices and the speed in which you created your Yuval cuff!

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We had Nomi with us for 5 days and Ruben for the weekend.  Ahhhhhhh, just kvelling.  
Nina will be on her way to Israel in a week.  I'm already missing her.  It's going to be difficult so I will need to keep very busy preparing for Seminar in Chicago.  Already the studio is bursting with kits, fibers, embellishments, instruction books.  It's very yummy around here.  

Will you be at Seminar and if so, do you have any special requests for merchandise night?  I'm always looking for help on what to bring, how to display it all for your ease in viewing.  Any tips? 

Upside down photo by Nina

A fun bath before heading home

I'm off to make some order in the house.  I'm finding toys in the strangest of places!


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