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I am quite flattered by the attention Home and Garden magazine , the Philadelphia edition, has given our home. Their Spring issue has Three Lofts 3 Ways, How design-minded Philadelphians style one-level living. We are the one called Artistic Retreat.

The home editor, a stylist and a great photographer (Erik photographs for Martha Stewart Living and Metropolitan Home), spent the day here a few weeks ago. It was a fascinating experience. There is a whole different way of looking at things through a camera lens. Each shot en
tailed an hour or more of setup. Lisa, the stylist showed up with huge buckets of flowers. Hydrangeas, orchids, daisies, tulips. They were gorgeous. In one of the photos she filled a low glass vase with Brussels sprouts, poured water over them and then arranged the flowers in the vase. Remember the lemon phase, when every vase you saw was filled with lemons? Move over lemons, make way for Brussels sprouts...

At 3 PM they were still here so I rushed out to get Nina back from school. She walked in the door and it took her one minute to take it all in and ask to be a part of the show. Off went her school uniform and on went a dress (quite a feat for my tomboy). You will find her seated at the breakfast table pretending to draw.

So, if you are in the area, pop into a local Borders and take a peek.
* all photographs were taken by Erik Johnson and are from the Spring issue of Philadelphia Home

NCPat  – (February 25, 2008 at 6:34 PM)  

What great workspace! The envy of us all!

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