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Poor me...

What am I, a 3 year old? I have a fever, sore throat, ear ache, cough, YUK!! I should stay in bed for a day or two but I am not capable of doing that. I can't stay put. It's impossible for me to be doing just one thing at a time. So how could I possibly be expected to do nothing at a time? I just can't.
I spent 3 hours with Nina at the ice rink this afternoon (yes, me and my symptoms), because how else would I be able to say, sometime down the line, "I've done everything for you and in return you won't even clean your room?" Besides, she is so cute out there, trying hard to twirl while wiping her nose and talking to her imaginary friend Jake. I could just eat her up .

One thing always brightens up my day: a large dose of color.
These amazing lampwork beads are made by a friend of mine, the amazingly talented Eleanore Macnish. Her website is on my list of inspirations on the right.


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